“This servant’s good sister, He Xiangyu, was taken into the Beauty Palace by Prince Hao. She had previously offended a high-ranked person in the imperial palace. This servant helped her take the blame in consideration of our relationship.”


Pei Yaran sneered. “This Empress Dowager has already long known about this matter. You are rather brave, not even considering that the person that good sister of yours had offended was Commandery Prince Xie. Others do not know, but this Empress Dowager is clearly aware that despite looking like a gentleman, Commandery Prince Xie is a person who seeks revenge for even the smallest of grievances.”


Su Xi-er pretended to reveal a stupefied expression as she stumbled over her next words. “The person she offended is...Commandery Prince Xie. This servant...didn’t know.” 


“Should this Empress Dowager say that you are intelligent? Or that you are silly? However, no matter what it is, this matter has already passed. What is your intention in involving He Xiangyu when we were talking about your relationship with Prince Hao.”


Su Xi-er continued to spin a lie, “Perhaps He Xiangyu had let it slip while she was in the Beauty Palace, allowing Prince Hao to find out about my existence. Later on, Imperial Bodyguard Wu met this servant by coincidence and probably made slight comparisons of our appearances in front of Prince Hao, which led him to come to the Palace Side Quarters. Prince Hao has already shown that he would take in a beauty whenever he sees one. After he saw this servant…”


Pei Yaran immediately caught the loophole in her words. “You told the Compassionate Peace Palace’s imperial guards just now that Prince Hao doesn’t have the intention to take you into the Beauty Palace at all.”


Su Xi-er was composed. She had originally wanted to borrow their mouths to pass on what she said to Pei Yaran. She didn’t expect that Pei Yaran would have eavesdropped on the whole thing.


“This servant hasn’t finished speaking. After Prince Hao saw this servant, he smelt the stench of chamber pots and was immediately displeased. This servant was carrying a well bucket back then and accidentally splashed it all over Prince Hao. Ever since then, Prince Hao started to target this servant in all aspects. Yet somehow, others have twisted this into him being interested in me.”


Pei Yaran watched Su Xi-er closely. She knew Pei Qianhao’s temper clearly. Although he isn’t someone like Commandery Prince Xie who seeks revenge for the smallest grievances. Whoever provokes him and happens to be someone he has decided to punish, he wouldn’t let them off no matter who they were. If the offense is severe enough, he’ll directly sentence them to death. Even light punishments end up with a great deal of torture for the victim.  


For Su Xi-er, is he planning to target her for a while before he kills her?


If that’s really the case… Pei Yaran released a sigh of relief, She isn’t of any threat to me.


When Su Xi-er saw Pei Yaran’s relaxed expression, she knew that the latter had bought it. Hence, Su Xi-er continued, “This servant has been in the Palace Side Quarters since I was young. I was bullied by people and didn’t dare to utter a word. With Prince Hao treating this servant like this, this servant has been trembling in fear every day. Empress Dowager…”


Su Xi-er revealed a pitiful expression.


Catching sight of such a face reinforced Pei Yaran’s belief of what she had just been told. Perhaps, it helped that Su Xi-er’s words were exactly what Pei Yaran had wanted to hear.


Torture first, then kill off!


“This Empress Dowager will find out if you are speaking the truth by simply asking as soon as Prince Hao returns from Nanzhao.”


Pei Yaran had mentioned that to sound Su Xi-er out. Whether I actually ask or not will depend on the circumstances. Besides, Prince Hao has never been led by the nose. Perhaps he won’t even be willing to answer.


The expression in Su Xi-er’s eyes became brighter. “Empress Dowager, every word this servant has said is the truth.”


A harsh glint flickered across Pei Yaran’s eyes and she looked at Su Xi-er attentively, “Maybe this Empress Dowager won’t need to ask him face to face. Go back to the Laundry Service Bureau and immediately pack your things. This Empress Dowager will dispatch people to send you to the Beauty Palace.”


At that time, I will just have to observe Prince Hao’s reaction to find out if he has an interest in her.


Su Xi-er was certain that Pei Yaran would definitely not dare to ask Pei Qianhao face to face. By purposely transferring me into the Beauty Palace and waiting for Prince Hao to return, she is trying to discern a little of his attitude by how he handles this matter.


“You don’t have to scrub the chamber pots or wash the clothes in the Beauty Palace. This Empress Dowager will even dispatch palace maids to wait upon you. Isn’t that very good?“ Pei Yaran raised the corners of her mouth slightly.

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