The cloaked man’s eyes grew cold. “Prince Yun, Master will naturally appear after we have reached a consensus with the deal.”


“This Prince has been listening to you speak this whole time, but I haven’t seen a single benefit.” Yun Ruofeng immediately shot back.


“Prince Yun, there will naturally be a verdict tomorrow. Today’s meeting is just an early interaction.” 


The cloaked man decided to take a step back as a means of progression, jumping out of the chessboard to view the bigger picture.


His intention couldn’t escape Yun Ruofeng’s detection, and the latter smirked. “In that case, come and find this Prince again after there’s an outcome tomorrow.” 


Yun Ruofeng left the bamboo hut with Yun Ling.


Yun Ling’s gaze was cold. “Your Highness, continuing to interact with them may affect our plans.”


“It’s fine, this Prince also wants to meet this Xiliu mastermind so that I can check if it’s really who I think it is.” Yun Ruofeng smirked.


Yun Ling nodded and didn’t make any comments.


In the bamboo hut, the man in a cyan changshan had changed into his regular clothes. However, his current disposition was overbearing, a stark difference from his usual happy-go-lucky self.


“What are you planning to do?” Even his tone had changed starkly.


The cloaked man showed a respectful expression. “Judging by the current situation, I’m afraid that Master’s plans have to be postponed.”


“Postponed? Do you think Master will agree to it? Lanshan is too driven by her emotions, so let’s hide some things from her.” The man in cyan said.


The cloaked man said coldly, “If we act recklessly, it may hinder the progress of our plans.”


“Then we shall let them start fighting first. I want Yun Ruofeng to be so busy that he’ll be unable to meddle in our affairs; then, he’ll be begging us to work with him.” The man in cyan held a ruthless look in his eyes as he spoke.


 “Do you mean…”


“Yun Ruofeng suspects that Prince Hao was behind the destruction of his forces, so we should also make a move on Prince Hao as well. Although Yun Ruofeng isn’t a tiger, he can still be a wolf.” The man in a cyan changshan said with ridicule.


“If your Shijie finds out about your true personality, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from piercing her own eyes.” The cloaked man mocked.


The man in cyan simply smiled. “Life is all about acting, otherwise, I’ll let down the name Master has given me.”


“Have you found the item from the Prime Minister Residence?” The cloaked man asked placidly.


The man in a cyan changshan smirked. “Everyone has pointed the arrow at Hua Ziqing. I’m looking forward to seeing how he will respond.”


“Lanshan has very special feelings towards Hua Ziqing. Be careful not to lose more than you gain.” The cloaked man warned in a mocking fashion.


The man in cyan shook his head. Everything is within my grasp; she won’t find out.


Seeing how confident the man in cyan was, the cloaked man didn’t make any further comments. After all, although his combat skills are beneath mine, his ability to scheme and strategise is an entirely different story. If not, how could he have become Master’s right-hand man?


The man in cyan smiled. “Let’s go. A good show is about to begin.”


The cloaked man nodded, and the two headed out.

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