“Don’t you know very clearly what this Prince wants to do?” Yun Ruofeng asked sarcastically.


Clap clap. Along with the sound of clapping, another man in a cloak walked in.


“Prince Yun is clever indeed. You didn’t let this old man down.” There was no trace of awkwardness on the man’s visage.


He then looked towards the other man who was wearing a cloak. “Shidi (Junior Brother), change into your usual clothes.”


The man who was addressed as ‘Shidi’ nodded, and walked further inside.


Words were not needed for everyone present to grasp the whole situation. 


A sarcastic smile still hung on Yun Ruofeng’s mouth. “This Prince doesn’t have interest in boring games like exposing people’s lies, but you better not push your luck.”


The man in the black cloak didn’t retort,only pulling back his cloak to reveal a face that was half crying and half smiling.


“Prince Yun, this old man was simply making a joke. Why do you have to be so serious?”


Yun Ruofeng sneered. “Joke? This Prince thinks that you’re testing my patience.”


A profound look flickered in the cloaked man’s eyes. “Prince Yun, Master’s plan involves many people. It’s not wrong to be more careful, right?”


“There’s nothing wrong with being careful, but your probing has touched my bottom line.” Yun Ruofeng’s eyes shone coldly.


The cloaked man smiled. “Prince Yun, since you took offence to this, this old man shall offer my apologies. Please forgive this lowly person’s faults.”


Ridicule hung at the corner of Yun Ruofeng’s mouth. “What if this Prince says that I am not willing to forgive you?”


The cloaked man’s eyes glimmered coldly. “Why don’t you get to the point, Prince Yun?”


While he is a despicable person, Yun Ruofeng also clearly knows how to weigh his options. The only reason he’s being so insistent about this is because he intends to use it as leverage.


“This Prince can agree to lend your master some forces, but I want two-thirds of the benefits.” Yun Ruofeng was close to committing daylight robbery.


All signs of composure vanished from the cloaked man’s eyes. “Prince Yun, don’t you think you are asking for too much?”


“So what if this Prince is asking for too much? What can you do to me?” Yun Ruofeng smirked. 


When you are in front of this Prince, regardless of whether you are a dragon or tiger, you will prostrate.


The cloaked man sneered. “Prince Yun, if this old man is correct, you have hardly any forces left in Nanzhao.”


In other words, you are no longer in your prime, so you can spare the arrogance in front of me.


“Oh?” Yun Ruofeng smirked. “Since you have investigated this Prince so clearly, why do you have to ask me for a collaboration? What can a person who has lost their power do for you?”


You can think whatever you want. In any case, I’m the only one who knows the truth.


Coldness flashed past the cloaked man’s eyes. “Prince Yun, this old man’s master highly values you, not the other appending conditions.”


His words were extremely hypocritical, though he had accidentally leaked information about Yun Ruofeng’s importance.


Yun Ruofeng immediately grabbed hold of this fact to pull the scale further in his favour. “Oh, is that so? But this Prince hasn’t seen your master’s sincerity. If your master is really sincere, he should at least come out and meet me, right?”

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