Du Ling laughed. “Xi-er, you are too protective of your husband.”


Su Xi-er kept a tiny smile and didn’t respond while Pei Qianhao continued to gaze at her gently.




In a private room.


Yun Ruofeng donned a white changshan, his expression solemn. “Yun Ling, let’s go.”


Yun Ling nodded and followed behind him as they made their way to an old wooden house located in Xiliu’s countryside.


The door to the wooden house opened, revealing a room swirling with smoke, and a man in a black cloak.


“Prince Yun, please take a seat.” The cloaked man said.


Yun Ruofeng’s gaze pierced through the man. “What is your intention in getting this Prince to come here?”


“Don’t be impatient, Prince Yun. Come tomorrow, Princess Consort Yun will be here of her own volition.” The cloaked man declared with confidence.


Contempt was evident in Yun Ruofeng’s eyes. “Why don’t you share why Lan-er will appear here willingly?”


“Prince Yun, this old man naturally has my own ways of doing things. You just have to wait for the good news tomorrow.” The cloaked man tried to avoid answering the question.


“If that’s the case, what is your purpose in asking me to come here?”


“Prince Yun, please take a look.”


The cloaked man pulled off a black cloth inside the room, revealing a sight that had Yun Ruofeng’s eyes widening in shock.


“What on earth is your master trying to do? Why has he prepared so many explosives?”


Although he had already come up with a guess, he wanted to know for sure.


However, the cloaked man could see through him. “I believe you already have the answer, Prince Yun. This old man hopes that if I successfully bring Princess Consort Yun back to your side, you can render your assistance to me.”


Yun Ruofeng ruminated for a few minutes. “Just using Lan-er as the wager, isn’t your master too delusional?”


“Prince Yun, I have already prepared very attractive conditions for the deal. How could there only be one Princess Consort Yun?” The cloaked man appeared unaffected, though disdain flooded his heart.


They all say that Prince Yun is extremely devoted to Princess Consort Hao, but I’m afraid that’s not entirely the case. Between the world and the beauty, I suppose the world is more important to him.


Yun Ruofeng’s eyes carried a slight coldness. “This is your real reason for approaching me, right?”


“Prince Yun is indeed astute.” 


Yun Ruofeng said sarcastically, “You have had a comfortable time disguising yourself, right? Did you think that nobody would be able to tell just because you wore a black cloak?”


“What do you mean by this, Prince Yun? I don’t understand.” Was my disguise really not good enough?


Yun Ruofeng smirked. “Yun Ling, strip off his cloak.”


Yun Ling immediately lunged forward with his sword in hand, forcing the cloaked figure to dodge. However, the latter couldn’t escape entirely, and their veil slowly fluttered to the ground to reveal the delicate features beneath.


“Prince Yun, what are you doing?” The cloaked man’s eyes were freezing, covering the trace of panic in his eyes.


Yun Ruofeng made a hand gesture as he looked towards Yun Ling.


Yun Ling immediately stopped, no longer continuing his pursuit.

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