Hua Ziqing soon arrived in Liu Hall while dressed in his typical white robes, his typical placid expression in place.


Looking at how composed Hua Ziqing was, Hua Zirong couldn’t help but sneer inwardly.


“Prince Qing, an assassin went missing after entering Liushui Xiaozhu. Do you have any explanation for this?”


There was only a dazed look left in Hua Ziqing’s eyes. “What assassin? This humble subject is unaware.”


“Since you claim that you are unaware, Prince Qing, this Monarch will naturally believe you.” Hua Zirong was smiling as he spoke, but his gaze immediately turned frosty as continued. “Prince Qing, who do you think would want to assassinate me?”


Hua Ziqing immediately discerned his intention. “Your Majesty has always been virtuous and wise; I’m afraid it could only be some unruly civilians causing trouble.”


“What unruly civilians are you referring to, Prince Qing?” Sarcasm flickered in his eyes, though his smile deepened.


I can’t believe you are still trying to play games with me and try to divert my attention when things have already come to this.


Hua Ziqing’s gaze was without ripples. “This is only a conjecture on this Prince’s part; I’m not trying to target anyone in particular.”


“Prince Qing, how are you finding it in Liushui Xiaozhu?” Sarcasm flashed in Hua Zirong’s eyes as he smiled.


Hua Ziqing nodded. “Liushui Xiaozhu’s scenery is good, and the environment sublime. It has been a peaceful abode for me.”


“In that case, how about I bestow Liushui Xiaozhu to you so that you can live there for the rest of your life?” Hua Zirong asked with his never-changing smile.


Hearing these words, the guards in Liu Hall could feel their hearts shivering. Does His Majesty plan to hold Prince Qing captive forever? It looks like the sky is really going to change in Xiliu.


Hua Ziqing maintained the same expression. “I already have Liuhua Courtyard and Guihua Garden; I don’t dare to be greedy.” Although his tone was soft, the implication in his words was clear: There’s no use in setting a trap for me.


Hua Zirong’s gaze turned fierce despite the smile on his face. “It looks like Prince Qing doesn’t like my Liushui Xiaozhu.”


To those in Liu Hall, it seemed as if Hua Ziqing was insisting on choosing the difficult way out despite being provided with an easy option.


Hua Ziqing’s eyes reflected coldness. “I don’t dare to refuse Your Majesty’s bestowal.”


You think you can keep trying to sound me out? Unfortunately, none of this is effective on me.


“Prince Qing, the Disaster Relief Banquet will be held tomorrow. Don’t forget to take the lead with your bountiful wealth.” Hua Zirong smirked inwardly. 


Since you want to do it this way, I’ll give you the chance to cough out plenty of blood.


“I am currently a sinner, so I’m not fit to attend the banquet.” Hua Ziqing refuted.


Since you want to hold me captive, I’ll use this as an excuse.


A layer of frost covered Hua Zirong’s eyes. “It’s getting late. Send Prince Qing back to Liushui Xiaozhu to rest.”

A guard quickly came forth and took Hua Ziqing away from Liu Hall. Watching the latter leave, Hua Zirong’s clenched his fists. You will pay for all that you have done one day.

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