The man’s heart froze as he tumbled to the ground. I have met an expert this time; clashing head-on won’t end well for me.


He began to weigh the situation in his mind, but was interrupted by Hua Ziqing’s voice. “Who sent you here?”


The man in black sneered. “You can kill me or do whatever you want with me.”


“Not bad, you have some backbone. Unfortunately for you, having a backbone doesn’t work here.” A look of ridicule glimmered in Hua Ziqing’s eyes as he massaged the teacup in front of him.


The assassin’s heart grew uneasy, prompting a faint smile from Hua Ziqing.


“Let this Prince see how much money your backbone is worth.”


The man with a black mask stepped forward, dislocating the man in black’s four limbs cleanly. Sweat immediately poured down his face as a blood curdling scream ripped through the air.


“I’ll talk. I’ll talk.” The man in black pleaded for mercy while enduring the intolerable pain.


Hua Ziqing glanced at the man with a black mask. The latter immediately understood Hua Ziqing’s intentions, and took out a white pill from his waist before feeding it to the man writhing on the ground.


“Speak then.” Hua Ziqing took a sip of his tea.


A sly look flashed past the man in black’s eyes.


“I am a civilian from Meng County, and I have practised martial arts with my Shifu since I was young. When I learned that this dog emperor actually covered for corrupt officials, my anger got the better of me, and I ended up barging into the imperial palace at night.” In contrast to his sorrowful expression, he was sneering inwardly.


Despite seeing through his lie, Hua Ziqing didn’t expose him. “Then I want to know who told this to you.”


The man in black’s eyes became icy cold. “It was just hearsay.”


“Hearsay? And that was enough for you to bear such a gargantuan risk?” Hua Ziqing mocked.


At this, the man in black decided to throw the handle after the blade and go all in. “My fate is in your hands, be it handing me over to that dog emperor or killing me off.” His gaze was cold, and he looked as if he was resolved to die.


Hua Ziqing smiled. “I won’t kill you, nor will I hand you over. Not only that, I will even send you out of the imperial palace.”


“What conspiracy do you have up your sleeve?” The man in black questioned.


The next moment, the man with a black mask knocked him out.


“Your Highness, he did not utter a single truthful sentence.”


“I know, and it’s precisely because he didn’t say anything true that I have to keep him.”


“Your Highness, do you mean to catch some fish while the waters are not calm?”


Hua Ziqing gave a faint smile. “Send him out of the imperial palace.”


Hearing the order, the man with a black mask could only swallow his questions and go about his task.


Hua Ziqing looked at the unconscious man in black, a smirk forming. This chessboard is getting more and more chaotic, but that’s fine; only when the waters are more murky will there be fish to catch.




The guards knelt on the floor in Liu Hall, not daring to look up under the oppressive air given off by Hua Zirong.


“There’s so many of you, yet you still let him escape. What use is there in keeping you?”


“This subordinate is incapable. When we followed the assassin to Liushui Xiaozhu, he had already disappeared.” The guard was guilty as he kowtowed.


Hua Zirong sneered. Liushui Xiaozhu. Hua Ziqing, you don’t stop even when I have held you captive.


He smacked the table, causing everything to fly up.


“He can’t possibly have left the palace. Shut all the gates, and don’t even let a fly out.” Hua Zirong ordered coldly.


The guard accepted the order respectfully, swiftly withdrawing from Liu Hall.


Watching the guard leave, rage gushed into Hua Zirong’s heart. Since you want me dead, I’ll let your life be worse than death.


“Guards, bring Prince Qing here.”


With his order, the guards immediately set off.

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