Shijie, have you forgotten? The anshao is coming back soon. I’m actually quite interested in listening to what they have to say.” The man in cyan said in a sloppy manner.


Lanshan’s eyes were without ripples. “Looks like we should really have you stay in the snake’s pit for two days.”


Shijie, how can you learn from Shixiong? I don’t want to go to that kind of horrible place. The last time I went there, that old freak almost made me a medicinal primer.” Goosebumps appeared all over the man as he recalled the experience.


Lanshan’s smile deepened. “If the old freak thought that you were worthy to be a medicinal primer, that means that you’re not a useless person.”


Shijie, listen to what you are saying. I’m going to be sad.” The man in cyan blinked his eyes, showing an innocent expression.


Lanshan smacked his head. “This doesn’t work on me. Quickly go and finish the work that was assigned to you. If you ruin your Shixiong’s plans, don’t blame me for not saving you.”


The man in a cyan changshan pouted before leaping out of the window.


Lanshan’s eyes were cold. His memory really hasn’t improved at all.


At this moment, a man completely wrapped in black muslin walked in.


“Master, just as you thought, the matter in Meng County isn’t as simple as it appears on the surface.”


Lanshan smirked. “There’s still someone else?”


“Although Prime Minister Wen embezzled the silvers that were meant to help with disaster relief, even he doesn’t know that he was somebody else’s scapegoat.” The man reported his findings respectfully.


Lanshan rolled the Buddha beads gently as coldness seeped into her eyes. “Have you found out who this person is?”


“Replying to Master, this person is not from the court; I have no means of investigating.” The masked man was ashamed.


Lanshan’s eyes flickered with coldness. “A person from the jianghu? I suspect that there is someone from the court behind him. Go investigate.”


“Understood.” The man in black nodded. “Master, this subordinate has another matter to report. I found that Prince Qing…”


Lanshan waved her hand. “There’s no need to continue monitoring him. I know what to do.”


The man in black then withdrew from the room.


After he had left, Lanshan turned the Buddha beads in her hand even faster as she contemplated.


Clack! The Buddha beads went flying across the floor, the cacophonous noise echoing from the walls as Lanshan’s eyes became cold and resolute. Sometimes, things don’t go as people wish.




The man in a cyan changshan arrived at a single-story house with a black cloak and facemask.


Looking into the copper mirror, a cold smile graced his visage.


Once he was done with all his preparations, he headed for the posthouse swiftly, though a tail was hot on his trails.


However, the man in cyan had long discovered the presence of the person behind him, so despite increasing his speed, he still made sure to let the spy behind him keep up.

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