In Liushui Xiaozhu.


Clad in a white changshan, Hua Ziqing was the epitome of leisure; nobody would’ve been able to tell that he was being held captive.


“Your Highness, Yun Ruofeng has agreed.” The masked man reported respectfully.


Hua Ziqing nodded. “Mmm, looks like that item is very useful.”


“Your Highness, I’m afraid that doing this may alert Yun Ruofeng.” The masked man said calmly.


Hua Ziqing raised his head, a mocking smile on his face as he answered. “Perhaps, but even if he investigates, what can he find?”


“Your Highness, the Disaster Relief Banquet will be held tomorrow. This subordinate has arranged all the relevant personnel according to your instructions.” A calculative look glimmered in the masked man’s eyes.


Hua Ziqing stood up, and opened his brocade fan. “This Prince is aware. Are there any recent updates from the posthouse?”


“Replying to Your Highness, the woman in white muslin has disappeared, and there was an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Princess Consort Hao.” The masked man gave a brief summary.


Hua Ziqing closed his fan, and his eyes darkened. “It looks like a lot has really happened outside!”


“Your Highness, I suspect that there is something amiss.” The masked man voiced his thoughts.


“Oh?” Hua Ziqing raised his eyebrow. “Go on.”


“Could the woman in white muslin have been sent from a hidden force in Xiliu?” The masked man speculated.


Hua Ziqing briefly revealed a frigid look before covering it up with another smile. “Monitor Prince Hao; this Prince is sure that he has long been prepared.”


The masked man was bewildered. Master seems different today. However, he did not dare to vocalise his thoughts, and continued his deferential behaviour.


“Your Highness, the security at the posthouse has become even more stringent; our spies can’t infiltrate at all.” The masked man said.


The corners of Hua Ziqing’s mouth curled up in a sneer. “Withdraw those eyes first. We will find out what’s been happening during the Disaster Relief Banquet.”


“Your Highness, do we not need to mind Prime Minister Wen?” The masked man queried.


Hua Ziqing scoffed. “Him? Let Hua Zirong have a headache instead.”


The masked man understood what he was going for. “This subordinate understands.”


Hua Ziqing waved his hand. “You may leave.”


The masked man nodded. “Understood.” And after Hua Ziqing waved his hand, the man was gone.


Not long after leaving the room, another man wearing a mask appeared, though his mask was not black in colour, but silver.


“Yin (silver), how’s the plan going?” Hua Ziqing asked coldly.


Yin’s gaze matched his master’s. “Everything is according to plan.” His attitude was cold, and there were no signs of respect on his countenance.


“Mmm, since Prince Hao has already noticed our pawn, you should dispose of her when necessary.” A vicious look burned in Hua Ziqing’s eyes.


Yin could discern his intentions. “She is still useful – as bait.” Despite his curt sentence, the implication was clear.


“I won’t interefere in how you deal with him, but I also want that item.” Hua Ziqing emphasised with an imposing tone.


Yin smirked. “I will take good care of him.”


“I shall wait for your good news then.” Hua Ziqing smiled.


Yin nodded, and left the room.


After Yin left, Yun Ruofeng sat back down and continued to relax as if nothing had ever happened.




In Xiangxiu House.


Sitting on a chair, Lanshan fiddled with the Buddha beads in her hand while continuously chanting.


The man in a cyan changshan pouted. “Shijie, stop chanting. You have been in the Buddha hall for so long, and you’re still not done?”

Lanshan opened her eyes slightly to glance at him. “Didn’t your Shixiong tell you to look for Yun Ruofeng? Why are you still here?

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