“A-Jing, how could she have possibly hurt me with you and Elder Brother around?” Su Xi-er assuaged his fear, knowing that he was blaming himself after finding out that the woman had been sent by the Pei Family.


Pei Qianhao enveloped her in his arms, repeating her statement as if to reassure himself. “Xi-er, I won’t let anyone hurt you while I’m around.”


Su Xi-er nodded, placing his hand on her stomach. “A-Jing, look at how obedient our baby is.”


Gentleness flowed into Pei Qianhao’s eyes as he softly kissed her cheek. What else can I ask for in this lifetime when I already have such a wife?




In a private room.


Yun Ruofeng’s eyes were cold as he listened to his subordinate’s report on the events at the posthouse. When the guard was done, he kept his head lowered, not daring to look up.


“You may withdraw.” 


The guard swiftly took the opportunity to leave, and Yun Ling spoke up.


“Your Highness, what do you think Pei Qianhao means by this?”


“The Pei Family is really a bunch of useless things; they were actually delusional enough to want to assassinate Lan-er.” Yun Ruofeng’s tone was disdainful. “Pei Qianhao’s move is only to scare the Pei Family; he means to let them know that even if he’s away in Xiliu, he has ways to make them wish for death.”


“Your Highness, then should we continue to let her…” Yun Ling trailed off.


Yun Ruofeng smirked. “Why not? In fact, we have to increase our efforts.”


“But with how much she hates Princess Consort Yun, would she do something even more extreme?” Yun Ling was a little worried.


Hearing the words ‘Princess Consort Yun’, the corners of Yun Ruofeng’s mouth curved up. “I want Pei Qianhao to be so busy with his own affairs that he can’t pay attention to Lan-er. It is then that I will get her.”


His expression was replaced by infatuation, though a hint of ruthlessness appeared at his mouth briefly.


Knock, knock.


“Come in.” Yun Ruofeng said.


Wu Yong walked in briskly, followed by the masked man.


When Yun Ruofeng saw him, he immediately connected the dots. “What, Prince Qing wants to look for this Prince? I thought that he was leading a pretty decent life right now.”


“Prince Yun, you jest. Master only wants this lowly person to give Prince Yun a piece of news.” Despite hearing the dripping sarcasm, the masked man gave no indication that he had noticed it.


Yun Ruofeng turned his narrowed eyes to the masked man. “Oh? What does Prince Qing want to tell me?”


“Prince Yun, I’m afraid it isn’t appropriate for this to be shared with outsiders.” The masked man glanced at Yun Ling and Wu Yong.


Yun Ruofeng gestured for the two to leave, giving a sneer once the door closed. “Now, hurry up and say your piece.”


The masked man nodded calmly. “Your Highness, my master wants me to tell you that it’s time for the deal to start.”


“I don’t really understand. What is the deal your master is referring to?” Yun Ruofeng feigned ignorance.


Understanding that Yun Ruofeng was making things tough for him, the masked man kept quiet as he passed an item from his chest to Yun Ruofeng.


Upon laying eyes on the item, Yun Ruofeng clutched it in his hands tightly. “Where did you get this from?”  

“Do you wish to get the other half?” The masked man asked without any emotion.


The temperature in Yun Ruofeng’s eyes dropped instantly as a smirk formed. “Go back and tell your prince that I look forward to starting the deal with him.”


With his objective achieved, the masked man turned to leave, leaving Yun Ruofeng to watch his retreating figure with clenched fists.


Hua Ziqing, looks like this Prince has really underestimated you.


Entering the room, Yun Ling was surprised to see Yun Ruofeng’s state. “Your Highness, is there a change in plans?”


“Thoroughly investigate Hua Ziqing once again. I want to know every single thing about him.”


Yun Ruofeng smashed a teacup on the floor fiercely as the room’s atmosphere congealed.

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