Seeing that she had been exposed, the ‘maidservant’ immediately pulled a dagger from her bosom. Her disposition changed, and she immediately charged towards Su Xi-er. “Bitch, your life ends now.”


Needless to say, Wu Ling swiftly came forward to intercept her. However, due to the woman’s peculiar moves, Pei Qianhao’s faithful guard was unable to gain a definite advantage.


“Wu Ling, aim for her wrist.” Su Xi-er could tell that despite the woman’s crafty moves, she had been hiding her wrist area extremely well.


The woman furiously attempted to retreat upon hearing Su Xi-er’s words, but her efforts were futile as Wu Ling surged forward and seized her wrist, rendering her helpless.


“You can kill me or do as you please.” The maidservant was obstinate, not willing to admit defeat.


Su Xi-er walked forward, her eyes layered with frost. “Out with it, who sent you here?”


The maidservant’s gaze was seething as she bit her down on her lips. Suddenly reminded of something, Su Xi-er forced open the woman’s mouth. When she found a small packet hidden between the woman’s teeth, Su Xi-er promptly dislocated the former’s jaw.


“Wu Ling, search her and confiscate everything that may give her a chance to commit suicide.” Su Xi-er instructed coldly.


Wu Ling quickly carried out his orders, smashing any weapons he found on the woman’s person on the floor.


“Younger Sister, be more careful.” Du Ling was a little nervous when he saw her actions. He wasn’t the only one, as Pei Qianhao shared the same thoughts.


Xi-er shouldn’t move so vigorously while she’s pregnant.


Su Xi-er smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”


Realising that she no longer had any control over her own fate, the maidservant’s expression wilted, and an air of gloominess came over her.


Su Xi-er cracked the woman’s jaw back in place before continuing her questioning.


“You’re still not willing to say?”


Panic flashed past the maidservant’s face, but she still kept her silence.


“Fine then. Wu Ling, take her away, and use whatever method you can to find out her identity and background.”


Suddenly, the maidservant fell to the floor, spasming violently as her mouth began foaming and an incredulous look flooded her eyes. “Pei…”


Before she could finish what she wanted to say, however, she had stopped breathing.


“Princess Consort, she’s dead.” Wu Ling reported.


Su Xi-er’s eyes turned cold. “A-Jing, it looks like we must settle the matters in Xiliu as soon as possible and return to Beimin.”


Having heard the name ‘Pei’, Du Ling couldn’t help but associate it with the relationship between Pei Qianhao and the Pei Family, and his eyes frosted over.


Pei Qianhao sneered. “It seems like this Prince has been too benevolent towards them.”


“Wu Ling, hang this person outside the entrance of the Pei Residence, and don’t let anyone bring her down.” Pei Qianhao ordered coldly.


Du Ling gave him an approving look. Killing a chicken to warn the monkey; he made good use of this move.


“Xi-er, you are also likely tired. Let’s go back and rest.” Pei Qianhao suggested, throwing a look at Wu Ling before he left.


Wu Ling immediately understood what Pei Qianhao was hinting at. I’m really failing at my job as a guard. I was completely unprepared against such a person who snuck into the posthouse.


Du Ling patted Wu Ling’s shoulder before leaving without another word..


After returning to Su Xi-er’s room, Pei Qianhao anxiously placed Su Xi-er down on the bed and examined her carefully.


“Xi-er, if something similar happens next time, you mustn’t take the risk.”

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