Sensing Du Ling’s anxiety, Su Xi-er smiled. “Actually, I had already found something about her suspicious during our previous chats where I had asked her to give up on finding her child.” She glanced at Pei Qianhao. “That’s why A-Jing had long had people keeping an eye on her; we plan to seize the mastermind behind this plan.”


Du Ling harrumphed. “Wonderful, you two even kept me in the dark.”


Su Xi-er smiled cheekily. “Elder Brother, didn’t you just find out too?”


Watching her mischievous expression, Pei Qianhao caressed Su Xi-er’s hair. “Xi-er, don’t tease the Western Region King anymore.”


“Elder Brother, A-Jing and I suspected that all of this was Hua Ziqing’s doing. In other words, his current predicament is nothing but a front.” Su Xi-er’s eyes flickered with astuteness.


Du Ling’s gaze was one of visible shock. “His schemes actually run so deep. I’m afraid Hua Zirong has severely underestimated him.”


“Not only that, even Lanshan may be part of his chessboard.” Su Xi-er stated coldly.


Gargantuan waves rose to the surface in Du Ling’s heart. If that is true, it means that Xiliu is back to square one.


“Prince Hao, is the state of Xiliu really like that?” Du Ling asked incredulously.


Pei Qianhao’s nod was a wake-up call for Du Ling, forcing him to rethink his evaluation of Hua Ziqing.


“But Xi-er, from what he has shown, Hua Ziqing is a person who would resort to any unscrupulous means to seize the throne. If he really has such profound planning ability, why would he resort to such…”


It wasn’t that Du Ling didn’t believe the pair’s judgement, but the matter was simply too hard to believe.


Su Xi-er could understand his inner thoughts. “Ever since our meeting in Xiang Village, he has been pretending. Elder Brother, this person is definitely not any good person.”


“Why would he be willing to be kept captive? I honestly can’t come up with any plausible explanation.” Du Ling couldn’t help but ask.


Pei Qianhao answered calmly, “Place oneself in a hopeless situation so as to gain the resolve to find a way out.”


“Despite being seemingly imprisoned, he is not in any danger. Based on the current situation, Hua Zirong wouldn’t do anything to him.” Su Xi-er further explained.


Du Ling gave a self-deprecating sigh as he spoke again. “My judgement has completely erred this time around.”


“Don’t disparage yourself like that, Elder Brother. If he hadn’t lost his footing due to pressure from us, I’m afraid he would still be hiding himself until now.” Su Xi-er sneered.


“Don’t tell me that the mastermind behind the scenes has always been Hua Ziqing?” Du Ling had sorted out all the connecting dots.


Su Xi-er’s eyes were cold. “Elder Brother, A-Jing and I think that based on Xiliu’s current situation, the country itself has already been fragmented.”


“Without destruction, there is no construction.” Pei Qianhao remarked coldly.


Du Ling’s eyes were filled with ridicule. “I didn’t expect Xiliu’s situation to be so complicated. No wonder Yun Ruofeng wants a piece of the pie too.”


”Elder Brother, Yun Ruofeng has probably also misjudged Xiliu.” Su Xi-er sneered before Pei Qianhao suddenly made a hand gesture, prompting everyone to pause.


Soon after, they saw Wu Ling bringing a woman who looked like a maidservant.


“What are you doing? This servant is just someone who sweeps the floor.”


Su Xi-er chuckled coldly. “Your disguise is too abysmal. A maidservant wouldn’t be able to afford such high quality cosmetic products. Out with it, who sent you here?”

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