As soon as the words left his mouth, both of the room’s other occupants turned to pin him down with their eyes. Realising that he had misspoken, the man quickly sped outside to avoid the soundless reaming he was getting.


The cloaked man’s eyes shimmered with iciness. “You should discipline him properly so that he doesn’t ruin important matters.”


“You should already know that he understands how to stay in line when handling important matters.”


Lanshan paid no further attention to him and sat down nearby, continuing to flip through her scriptures.


Seeing her actions, the cloaked man also didn’t make any further comments.




Prime Minister Residence


Plagued by his thoughts, Prime Minister Wen sat in his study looking at the invitation in his hand as if it were lit on fire. He knew that this invitation was akin to a court sentence.


It was now that Madame Wen walked in with a bowl of ginseng soup, but she couldn’t keep the disdain from welling up in her heart when she saw his frustrated expression.


“Patriarch, why don’t you drink some soup?”


“Take it away, I don’t need it.” Prime Minister Wen said emotionlessly.


Madame Wen smiled. “Do you have any matters that are troubling you, Patriarch?”


Her words caused Prime Minister Wen to flip the bowl onto the floor. “You still dare to ask me? It’s all thanks to the trouble you have stirred up.”


“What do you mean, Patriarch? What trouble has your wife stirred up?” Madame Wen’s countenance did not belie her true thoughts.


“Don’t think that I don’t know about what you’ve done. The only reason I’m not settling the score is because of our son.” Prime Minister Wen looked at her coldly.


Madame Wen couldn’t help but sneer when she heard what he said, but she still maintained a dignified disposition. “That’s right, your corruption is my fault, and you secretly hiding the imperial secret scrolls is also my fault.”


Prime Minister Wen’s expression was distorted with ire. “How do you know about that? Who told you?”


“The only way to prevent others from knowing is to not have done it.” Madame Wen’s expression was arrogant as she mocked him.


Prime Minister Wen immediately detected that something was amiss. “Who are you? You are not my main wife.”


“Oh? Are you sure that I am not your main wife?”


“You…” Before he could finish his sentence, Prime Minister Wen had collapsed on the floor.


At this moment, ‘Madame Wen’ removed a mask, revealing a delicate and pretty face underneath. If Yun Ruofeng had been here, he would have received a massive shock; the person’s face was the same as Chu Xian’s, as if the two were twins!


No one would have expected this person to appear in Xiliu.


“Master, what are we going to do with him?” A man in black asked expressionlessly.


His master smirked. “Take him to the underground prison. From today onwards, you will be Prime Minister Wen.”


The man in black nodded, putting on a mask that held Prime Minister Wen’s likeness.


The person who looked similar to Chu Xian smiled before walking out of the study, his eyes instantly becoming dazed and clear like an ignorant child.


“Young Master, I have been searching all over for you. Why have you come to the Patriarch’s room?” A maidservant asked.


“I wanted sweets. Where did the sweets go?” He kept crying with a foolish expression.


Contempt flashed in the maidservant’s eyes as she pulled him away, missing the coldness in the supposedly foolish man’s eyes.


Upon waking up, Prime Minister Wen found himself in a prisoner’s room, and kept knocking the walls. What on earth is going on? Who exactly wants to harm me? Anybody who could infiltrate the Prime Minister’s Residence under the guise of my main wife without any mistakes is not to be reckoned with.


After pondering for a long time, he set his suspicions on Hua Zirong. Could it be him? Does he want to dispose of me secretly? But if he wanted to deal with me secretly, why did he bother sending me to Meng County?


Turbulent thoughts swept through Prime Minister Wen’s mind, but at the end of it all, he was still as lost as a lone boat in the middle of a raging ocean.


Meanwhile, everything that had happened in the Prime Minister Residence had been observed by an unnoticed pair of eyes.

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