After she was done speaking, the woman dressed in white sat on a chair with a relaxed expression.


“There must be a reason why you came, right, Imperial Elder Sister?” Hua Ziqing was not one to lose in demeanour despite his current predicament.


“That’s right, I am here to kill you.”


She immediately drew a white sword from her waist, charging forwards towards a stationary Hua Ziqing. He made no attempt to dodge, though his eyes turned cold as he watched the merciless blade close in on his heart.


However, before it could pierce his body, the white blade was stopped by the masked man dropping down from the ceiling. It pierced into his arm, but the woman in white simply plucked the sword out before flicking it to the side, allowing blood to stain the floor.


“Hua Ziqing, if the same thing happens next time, I will definitely chop off your head.”


She left with her sword in hand, not turning her head to give him one last glance.


“Your Highness, who is she?”


“A person who has already died. Since they’ve all decided to appear, this Prince must expedite my plan. Otherwise, the losses will exceed any potential gains.” Hua Ziqing sneered, concealing the sorrow in his eyes.


The masked man merely stepped to the side, quietly refraining from pushing the subject.


Hua Ziqing jolted out of his thoughts. “Go and handle your wound. Clear up the mess while you are at it too.”




In Xiangxiu House.


As Lanshan listened to the guard’s report, she couldn’t help but harrumph.


“Continue to monitor her whereabouts; kill her when necessary.”


“I’m afraid that this will ruin everything.” The cloaked man said coldly.


Lanshan didn’t make much of it. “You’re saying that after you went to provoke Princess Consort Hao? If this leads to Prince Hao’s retaliation, don’t blame your Shimei (Junior Sister) for laughing at you.”


“You don’t have to worry about that; I know what I should do.” The cloaked man smirked.


Lanshan’s smile deepened. “But if Yun Ruofeng finds out that you are playing with him, your enemy wouldn’t only be Prince Hao.”


“Even if he finds out, his obsession with Princess Consort Hao will ensure that he behaves.” The man’s calculative gaze made it look like he was standing over a chessboard with everything within his control.


“Oh? When do you plan to act?”


“Three days later, when the effects of the medicine are at their prime.” The cloaked man’s eyes shone sinisterly as he smiled.


Suddenly, a man in a cyan changshan barged in. “Shijie, the number of spies in the building has been increasing recently. Dealing with them has taken the life out of me.”


With the arrival of their new guest, Lanshan and the cloaked man tacitly stopped their conversation.


“If you continue to be like this, I will toss you into a snake pit.” The man in the black cloak spoke without hesitation.


Shixiong, please be more reasonable. I’ve been going all out for you, yet you still want to throw me into that kind of place?” The man in the cyan changshan pretended to be incensed.


“Cut out the nonsense; how is the task that I assigned you?” The cloaked man asked coldly.


The man in the cyan changshan smiled. “Of course, it’s been done. I assure you that there will be no slip-ups.”


“Continue interacting with Yun Ruofeng using my status; it’s okay even if you expose some flaws.” The cloaked man said with a ruthless look.

The man in the cyan changshan pouted. “I really don’t know why Master made me follow you guys.

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