“Oh?” A meaningful look revealed itself in Hua Ziqing’s eyes. “I suppose someone has to be sick for Prince Hao to be so nervous, and that person is likely Princess Consort Hao.”


“Your Highness, could the matter with Princess Consort Hao be the work of Yun Ruofeng?” The masked man speculated.


Hua Ziqing’s eyes grew cold. “Even if it isn’t his direct work, there is no way he isn’t related. That said, this Prince does have another person as a suspect.” His expression became hard with frost. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Quickly think of a way to seek out information from within the posthouse, and plant a few people to enter the Disaster Relief Banquet. Since he doesn’t want to make things messy, let me do it for him instead.”


The masked man nodded, swiftly leaving afterwards.


The next moment, the door opened and a guard walked in.


“Prince Qing, who were you talking to?”


Hua Ziqing sneered. “Since when did this Prince need you to control the things I do?”


The guard knew that despite his current captive status, Hua Ziqing was still a prince. Thus, he withdrew and locked the door.




In Liu Hall


Sitting on his chair, Hua Zirong kept on checking the memorial booklets. 


When his eyes landed on the words ‘unable to stop Meng County’s water disaster’, his eyes frosted over.


“All of you, withdraw. This Monarch wants some quiet time alone.”


Everyone in the room heeded this order and left.


“How do you plan to deal with her?” The person who had broken the silence was dressed in a white long dress that immaculately wrapped around her graceful figure. Every step she took made it seem like lotus flowers were blooming beneath her feet, and her voice was akin to a yellow oriole.


He raised his head, freezing ice in his gaze. “You are not clear about the situation.”


“I know you feel bad about the civilians in Meng County, but we have to prioritise the big picture.” The woman in the white long dress tried to assuage his concerns.


“Hah!” Hua Zirong harrumphed. “This Monarch has kept everything. Once everything has quieted down, those involved will be dealt with.”


“Your personality is extremely similar to your father’s.” The woman in a white dress commented.


“Those who should return have done so; you’ve already gone to meet them?” Hua Zirong questioned.


The woman in a white dress was relieved. “No, since we have already decided to go our separate ways, why would we deliberately meet up again?”


“Then what’s your motive in returning this time?” Hua Zirong asked with a baffled look in his eyes.


The woman in a white dress smiled elegantly. “Checking out the purple sand.” Her eyes turned cold. “Take care of personal grudges.”


“Both of them are one body; you are not their opponent.” Hua Zirong advised with sorrow in his eyes.


“It’s fine, you don’t have to pay attention to my matters. This will be the last time we meet in this lifetime anyways.” The woman in a white dress smiled before she started to leave.


Staring at her back, the sorrow in Hua Zirong’s eyes became more pronounced before he finally suppressed it.


A bitter smile warped his expression. The last meeting in this lifetime. Why are you so cruel towards me? But this works too; everything is fine as long as you are okay.


The woman in a white dress left Liu Hall and rapidly arrived at Liushui Xiaozhu.


With a few movements of a silver hairpin, the lock on Hua Ziqing’s room fell onto the ground.


Hearing the commotion from inside the room, the prince’s eyes turned cold as he gave the masked man who was perched on a ceiling beam a meaningful look.


The two displayed relaxed expressions, but their hearts were already guarded.


The woman in a white dress opened the door and smiled sarcastically. “It looks like you are doing well and leading an unrestrained style of life.”


“It’s you.” Hua Ziqing became pensive upon seeing the person.


“Mmm, I came to ask if the reason you’ve become so unscrupulous is simply because of the throne.” The woman’s voice dripped with sarcasm.


“Imperial Elder Sister, we haven’t met for a few years, and you are still sharp as ever.” Hua Ziqing almost sneered.


The woman’s eyes ridiculed him. “No need. I have long discarded my identity as a member of the Imperial Family, so there are responsibilities I can’t take on.”

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