When Pei Yaran recovered from her stupor, Su Xi-er was just happening to exit He Ying’s room. The latter bowed in greeting, appearing to be very respectful.


She is indeed very beautiful. If she removes that coarse palace attire and changes into a silk gauze dress, she will definitely attract the gazes of countless people.


The more Pei Yaran recognised this, the more uneasy she felt. She was afraid that Pei Qianhao’s attitude towards Su Xi-er was not one of temporary interest, but of long term interest that could be maintained endlessly.


When Pei Yaran thought of this possibility, she felt as if her heart was once again gripped with pain.


“Empress Dowager, while this servant will now go to move the flower pots, I would also suggest we have the imperial guards move the larger ones. With how heavy they are, this servant is afraid that I wouldn’t be able to bear the responsibility for damaging them.” Su Xi-er’s tone was flat, and her expression was deferential.


Pei Yaran looked at those eyes of hers. If Su Xi-er doesn’t have that pair of eyes, she would lose much of her brilliance. 


“Others are not allowed to help you. This Empress Dowager has appointed you to move them.”


“This servant heard that pines are planted in the large flower pots and moved to the Compassionate Peace Palace by the order of Prince Hao. If this servant damages them, it would really…”


Pei Yaran cut her off, “Prince Hao has never asked or showed an interest in the Compassionate Peace Palace’s plant pots. Why would he order people to send pines over?”


Su Xi-er immediately answered, “Empress Dowager, Beimin’s pines are massive and not suited to be planted in a flower pot. Although this is possible with some types of pines, they are not present in Beimin.”


“How does a palace maid scrubbing chamber pots know about this?” Pei Yaran’s eyes were filled with confusion. Where did Su Xi-er hear this from?


“Empress Dowager, it was Old Maidservant Liu who taught this servant when she was free. As for how I know about them being sent by Prince Hao, the answer lies with the fact that they are foreign. Had these pines been brought in by normal means, they would have gone through the Imperial Object Department and reported to you, Empress Dowager.” Su Xi-er paused and observed the changes in Pei Yaran’s expression.


She didn’t know who had sent these pines, but her conjecture was Prince Hao. Furthermore, she could tell from one glance that they were unique to Nanzhao. Other nations would only have large pines, the types that can grow into gigantic towering trees that reach the sky. 


Pei Yaran’s scrunched up her eyebrows and tried to recall carefully. The Imperial Object Department didn’t report to me. But I am also aware that Beimin doesn’t have this type of pine.


After contemplating over and over again, there was only one possibility ーPrince Hao had ordered people to send it over. I must go and ask. If it was really him who ordered people to send these to the Compassionate Peace Palace, he is still at least trying. 


Pei Yaran had been chilled to the bone by Pei Qianhao’s callousness, but the feeling had somewhat alleviated with this discovery.


Her tone had eased slightly when she spoke again. “If you can’t move them, let the imperial guards help you. Move the rest yourself.”


“Yes, this servant will get to it now.” Su Xi-er then turned around to leave. What she told the Empress Dowager just now had only been her own speculation. What she didn’t know however, was that this was actually almost spot on!


It was indeed Pei Qianhao who had ordered people to purchase these in Nanzhao and send them to the Compassionate Peace Palace. If Pei Qianhao knew that she had managed to determine all this with so little information, he would have definitely complimented her for being intelligent.




The flower pots in the backyard of the Compassionate Peace Palace were still a complete mess. Su Xi-er shouted for two imperial guards and claimed that it was the Empress Dowager’s verbal edict to have them move the large flower pots over to the parterre.


The two imperial guards immediately did as they were instructed. With their thick arms and huge strength, they finished moving them very quickly. When they saw that Su Xi-er still had to move so many small flower pots despite her small physique, they involuntarily became soft-hearted.


“Let us help you.”

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