Yun Ruofeng stopped the conversation, and immediately asked for him to leave.


The cloaked man was not one to back down, giving a brief speech before he left. “I will take my leave first then. In three days, I will have Princess Consort Yun brought before you.”


\Yun Ruofeng couldn’t help but admit that the words ‘Princess Consort Yun’ had greatly pleased him. The more people who say it, the more it proves that Lan-er is my princess consort.


“Your Highness, this person doesn’t seem to be him.” Yun Ling voiced out.


Yun Ruofeng smirked. “I know, but this makes it fun. I wonder how Prince Hao will respond.”


“Your Highness, if this subordinate may be so bold as to ask, why do I feel that you are not really…”


“Yun Ling, the chessboard is rampant with changes; there are no instances that are the same. I do want to obtain Lan-er, but if that isn’t possible, I’ll just destroy her instead.”


He then crushed a white jade chess piece into dust.


Realisation flickered in Yun Ling’s eyes. This is indeed what one would expect from Master’s personality. He’d rather have a crushed jade than an intact tile.


Before the man in the black cloak stepped out the door, he gave a final glimpse at the person monitoring him from the corner of his eyes as a sneer hung at his mouth.


The anshao assigned to monitor him attempted to follow, but a few light steps of the cloaked man’s feet was all it took to send him soaring across the rooftops, quickly losing his tail.


Hiding away as he watched the anshao attempt to find him, his smile etched deeper into his face. He took off his cloak, revealing a delicate and pretty face. “Where on earth has Shixiong (Senior Brother) gone? Ugh, I have to settle his problems for him.”


Back in Xiangxiu House.


He changed into a cyan changshan and sat on a chair leisurely, throwing candied fruits into his mouth every now and then.


“What did you do, disguising yourself as your Shixiong again?” Lanshan asked casually as she browsed her scriptures.


Shijie (Senior Sister), don’t scare people like this.” The man in the cyan changshan patted his chest, acting as if he had been frightened out of his wits.


“Isn’t it all for your sake? I went to play with Yun Ruofeng, but he treated me as Shixiong.” He begrudged sarcastically.


Lanshan chuckled. “Did you really think he’s a fool?”


Shijie, I feel that this so-called Prince Yun pales too much in comparison to Prince Hao of Beimin.” The man in cyan remarked with contempt.


Lanshan raised her head, her cold eyes glaring at him. “Don’t judge things by their appearance; his irascity and nervousness were all an act for you.” Before he could say anything, she continued. “I have interacted with him before, and I can say that he’s perfectly encapsulated an old saying: It’s better to offend a real villain than to offend a pretentious gentleman.”


Shijie, aren’t you overestimating him? If he were really that powerful, why is he still being pressured by Prince Hao?” The man in cyan asked incredulously.


Lanshan toyed with the bracelet of Buddha Beads in her hand. “These are two separate matters. What I do know is that it’s a piece of cake for him to scheme against you.”


Shijie, what if you compare him to Shixiong?” The man in cyan asked coldly.


A serious look printed itself in Lanshan’s eyes. “Then you should observe Shixiong’s deal with Yun Ruofeng. There will surely be much for you to learn.” She paused before asking resolutely, “I almost forgot something important. Have you received any news on the two people I asked you to look for?”

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