In a private room


Clad in a changshan, Yun Ruofeng sat on a chair while looking at the invitation booklet in his hand with a smirk.


“Disaster Relief Banquet? I’m afraid it’s going to be a Hongmen Banquet – a deadly trap under the guise of a banquet waiting for us.” He chuckled.


Yun Ling reported calmly. “Your Highness, everything has been prepared according to your instructions.”


“Yun Ling, how is it going with Beimin’s Empress Dowager?” Yun Ruofeng smiled mockingly.


“Your Highness, she is still pretending to be crazy; she wouldn’t come clean no matter what we did.” Yun Ling replied.


“Oh?” A contemplative look flashed across Yun Ruofeng’s eyes. “No matter, if she refuses to come clean because the walls have ears; just make sure she hears about Lan-er’s blissful time with Prince Hao.”


A calculating smile stretched his mouth as his fingers gripped the invitation.


Yun Ling was a little baffled. Master is clearly bent on getting Princess Consort Hao, but at times, why do I feel that he is completely fine with sacrificing her?


Nevertheless, Yun Ling didn’t dare to voice his doubts. “This subordinate obeys the order.” 


The door opened, and a man in a black cloak walked in.


“Prince Yun, what are your thoughts after seeing this invitation?”


“You don’t have to test this Prince. Since I have accepted your deal, I naturally know what to do.” Yun Ruofeng threw the invitation to one side and scoffed.


The cloaked man’s eyes turned frigid for a brief moment. “What are you saying, Prince Yun? This old man clearly told you about what happened in the posthouse.”


The look of ridicule that he showed wasn’t missed by Yun Ruofeng, prompting the latter to tighten his fists as his gaze became cold. “Don’t beat around the bush.”


“Don’t be anxious, Prince Yun. Princess Consort Hao is slowly walking into my trap, and she will be by your side by the day after tomorrow.”


“Ha!” Yun Ruofeng laughed coldly. “Is that so? Then I will wait for your good news. But let me remind you: don’t blame me for turning the tables against you if things fail.”


The cloaked man smiled. “I have lived on this earth for many decades; I never joke about promises.”


“That may be true, but I’ve heard that Prince Hao has discovered traces of your den. Are you still confident that your plan hasn’t been exposed?” Yun Ruofeng smiled mockingly as he sipped some tea.


The cloaked man snorted inwardly. It ain’t that easy to sound me out.


He remained composed. “Prince Yun, even a sly rabbit has three burrows.”


“Is that to say that your real identity hasn’t been discovered?” Yun Ruofeng questioned sarcastically.


The cloaked man sat down and pretended to dust off his robes. “Prince Yun, don’t suspect the people you use, and don’t use people you suspect. Since you have decided to trust me, why do you have to keep on sounding me out?”


Yun Ruofeng laughed casually. “As expected of an old jianghu – experienced and crafty. You pushed everything to me with just a few words.”


The cloaked man heard the ridicule in his tone, but kept his unperturbed smile. “What are you talking about, Prince Yun? I have simply eaten a few more years of salt and crossed a few more bridges.”


The undertone in his words was clear. You are nothing more than a kid still playing with mud in front of me.


“Looks like you’re really full of confidence.” Yun Ruofeng gave him a meaningful look.


“Three days. I will wait for Lan-er to come to my side.” 

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