“He will. His greed for power is insatiable, and now he’s been provided a golden opportunity. Who wouldn’t bite?” Pei Qianhao said confidently.


There wasn’t a ripple in Su Xi-er’s eyes. Many people can’t escape from the temptation of power.


Pei Qianhao lowered his head to look at her stomach with a doting smile.


“For tomorrow’s Disaster Relief Banquet, it’s best that Xi-er remains in the posthouse.” Du Ling expressed his concern.


Shaking her head, Su Xi-er reassured him. “Elder Brother, don’t worry about me. Your nephew isn’t so weak.”


She caressed her stomach with a gentle expression. This child has suffered much hardship. Although he was making a fuss at the start, he seems to have noticed that my body isn’t doing well, and is much more obedient now.


Pei Qianhao shared her confidence. “Those who make Xi-er suffer a loss will only be seeking trouble for themselves.”


“A-Jing, are you implying that I am very fierce?” Su Xi-er pretended to retort begrudgingly.


Ever since she had gotten pregnant, she found herself becoming more interested in teasing others and acting more child-like.


Seeing her mischievous look, Pei Qianhao affectionately took her into his arms, ignoring the fact that Du Ling was still around.


For his part, the King of the Western Region tactfully left the room after understanding that this conversation had come to and end, closing the door as he left.


“A-Jing, look, Elder Brother is going to laugh at us again.” Su Xi-er chided softly as she stroked his face.


“Xi-er, I’m afraid tomorrow’s banquet will not be one without waves. You’ll have to protect yourself properly.” Pei Qianhao pecked her cheek.


Su Xi-er teased. “A-Jing, although I’m pregnant, I haven’t lost my combat skills. Besides, with you by my side, who can get near me?”


“I will definitely protect you well.”


He captured Su Xi-er’s lips softly, as if the person in front of him was a priceless treasure.


Knock knock.


“Your Highness, the medicine has been brewed.”


Pei Qianhao stopped what he was doing and went to open the door, only to close it right after taking the medicine.


“Xi-er, be careful, it’s hot.” Pei Qianhao blew on the soup, afraid that it would scald her. Su Xi-er’s heart grew warm while watching his meticulous actions.


This scene was imprinted in the eyes of the cloaked man. The sweeter it is for you two now, the more bitter and painful it will be later. Prince Hao, this old man would like to see who you would choose. The civilians, or the woman? 


He then swiftly left.


As for the two inside the room, they exchanged a smile, as if they had already detected the anomaly.


“Xi-er, is my black-boned chicken soup nice?”


“A-Jing, you’re getting more naughty. If he knew that everything was being staged by us, his anger would definitely shoot through the roof.” Su Xi-er smiled faintly.


“Those who want to scheme against me will have to pay some price.” Pei Qianhao said arrogantly.


As it turned out, Pei Qianhao had long discovered that the man in the black cloak and the person who entered the posthouse weren’t the same person.


Su Xi-er also knew that her body’s condition was a result of someone else’s scheme, but she hadn’t expected that someone had already done something to this body long ago.


I’m afraid that the motive of the person who’s acted against me can’t be revealed to others. Nevertheless… She gave a small smile before continuing her thoughts.


Regardless of what this person is after, since this body is already mine, I must investigate this thoroughly.

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