Meanwhile, Hua Zirong’s guard caught up to Pei Qianhao and the others on their way back to the posthouse, leading them to Xiliu’s imperial palace.


Upon arriving at Liu Hall, the three saw a calm Hua Zirong sitting in front of a chessboard.


“Xiliu’s Monarch must truly be relaxed to stay up so late into the night. Did you call us here just to watch you play chess?” Du Ling joked.


Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er remained silent, their eyes cold and distant, having already guessed Hua Zirong’s intentions.


“Stop teasing this Monarch, Western Region King. How can I be in the mood for such leisures when I’m currently in a predicament?” A tinge of helplessness flashed past his eyes.


Du Ling could only retract his joking demeanour. “Alright, speak your piece.”


“I was hoping that the two of you could help me make a decision.” Hua Zirong said with a sincere expression.


“This Prince knows what you want to ask, but I will advise you: failing to act decisively will only lead to chaos.” Pei Qianhao went right to the crux of the issue.


A bitter smile crept onto Hua Zirong’s visage. “I also know that today’s calamity is the result of the past, but now that it’s come to this, it’s too late for regret.” He looked at the two pensively. “What you mean is…” He made a gesture of slitting his neck.


“Don’t tell me you still want to maintain the status quo when things have already deteriorated?” Du Ling asked sarcastically.


Pei Qianhao’s expression was frosty. “Yield silk from the cocoon layer by layer, and chop off the plant completely at its roots.”


“Prince Hao, you also know that the matters of the past involve too many people.” Hua Zirong expressed his concern.


Su Xi-er gave a genial smile. “We just need to seize the key person to get to the centre of things.”


Enlightenment washed over Hua Zirong. “I understand now.”


Du Ling’s eyes sneered. “A monarch cannot be ruthless, but they also cannot afford not to be. Your mistake lies in not wielding the right balance.” He left these words and walked out of Liu Hall.


Pei Qianhao smiled faintly, and took Su Xi-er’s hand as they followed behind.


Watching the three of them depart, Hua Zirong’s fists were clenched as resolve shone in his eyes.


“Is this Monarch not ruthless enough?”


“Your Majesty, you worry too much, and that trouble in your heart holds you back.” A cool voice answered him.


Hua Zirong was vacuumed into his own thoughts as he started to plan his next steps.


As for the trio that just left, they decided to stroll around the palace with the accompaniment of the moonlight.


“Elder Brother, you shouldn’t have said that last phrase.” Su Xi-er mentioned with a smile.


“It’s fine. If he’s clever enough, he will know what to do.”


Su Xi-er made no further comments as she gently caressed her stomach with a smile.




In a private room


Yun Ruofeng clutched a teacup until his knuckles almost turned white, shattering the piece of tableware in the process.


With a cold gaze, he looked at the guard who was kneeling. “Say it once more.”


“Prince Hao and Princess Consort Hao went to Xiangxiu House just now; the cloaked man was also there.”


The temperature of Yun Ruofeng’s eyes plummeted as he gave a disdainful order. “Withdraw, useless thing.”


The guard immediately took the chance to flee.


Sitting on the chair, Yun Ruofeng used a handkerchief to bandage up the cuts made by the teacup, though his blood still dripped to the floor.


“Your Highness, it looks like the man in the cloak failed.” Yun Ling said with ridicule.

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