“Guards, Prince Qing will be placed under house arrest in Liushui Xiaozhu[1]. No visitors are allowed.” Hua Zirong gave his instructions without any emotion.


Hua Ziqing followed the guards out while maintaining his cavalier attitude, thinking to himself, It’s time to execute the plan before any unforeseen situations come up.


“Guards, summon Beimin’s Prince Hao to the palace.”


Hua Ziqing was now locked in Liushui Xiaozhu with guards stationed outside the entrance.


“Your Highness,, since Prime Minister Wen has already switched sides, should we…?” The masked man dropped from a beam in the ceiling and posed the question to Hua Ziqing as he sat in a chair.


Hua Ziqing scoffed and said, “No need for that. Prime Minister Wen would never talk about the imperial secret scrolls.”


“Does Hua Zirong know that he’s lying?” The masked man asked.


Hau Ziqing smirked at this. “So what if he knows? He wouldn’t touch a hair on Prime Minister Wen; at least, not for now.”


“Your Highness, should we start with our preparations?” The masked man asked with concern.


Hua Ziqing smiled. “Let’s see how things go first. That woman won’t stand to see me stuck in this unfavourable position anyway.”


The masked man understood what Hua Ziqing was saying and disappeared into the shadows once more.


At Xiangxiu House.


Lanshan was listening to a guard’s report seriously.


“Understood, you may leave.”


Right after that, the man in the cloak walked in.


“It seems that your grandson has been caught.” The man’s voice was laced with sarcasm. 


“You’re done with your duties?” Lanshan asked.


“Everything is going according to plan,” the man in the cloak answered.


“Oh? Do you know that someone is tailing you then?” Lanshan asked with a smirk.


“As expected; This King is impressed.”


“Western Region King, I wonder what business you have here?” Lanshan handled Du Ling’s sudden appearance with grace, seemingly unperturbed.


Du Ling smirked. “Wouldn’t it be impolite if we didn’t acknowledge your subordinate coming and going from the posthouse as he pleases?”


“This old woman doesn’t really understand what the Western Region King is saying.” Lanshan said with a smile.


“Drop the act. Who is that man in the cloak, and why are you hurting Princess Consort Hao?” Du Ling went straight to the point.


Lanshan knew the cat was out of the bag, but before she could say anything, Pei Qianhao walked in with Su Xi-er.


Lanshan greeted them, “Prince and Princess Consort Hao are here too.”


“I would have missed a good show if I didn’t come over.” Su Xi-er gave a laugh.


She then walked over to the man in the cloak, speaking with a smile devoid of warmth, “I’ve seen through your tricks.”


A glint flashed past his eyes as the man in the cloak said, “I’m afraid this lowly peasant doesn’t understand what the Princess Consort is saying.”


Looking at Su Xi-er, he thought, Things are not as simple as you think. We haven’t even reached the climax of the show.


“This Prince is not interested in Xiliu’s affairs, but I wouldn’t mind barging in if anyone tries to harm my people.” Pei Qianhao spoke with his usual imposing tone before taking Su Xi-er’s hand and leaving the place.


Du Ling smirked and followed after the pair who had come and gone like a whirlwind.


“You didn’t even know you were being followed. I guess it’s high time you do some training,” Lanshan commented.


At this, the man removed his cloak. But instead of the man with two faces, it was a face with delicate and pretty features.


“Seems like my abilities are nowhere near that of Shixiong (Senior Brother),” the man with refined features said with a sly smile.


“He’s working on something important now. If you dare mess anything up, don’t blame me if I don’t come to your aid.” Lanshan responded.

1. A type of serene and exquisite compound that is usually isolated from the lively outside world.

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