Hua Ziqing sat at a table, idly knocking on the table with his knuckles as the masked man walked in with a letter.


“Your Highness, the bridge in Meng County has collapsed, and the river water has flooded the village.”


“Oh?” Hua Ziqing smiled with a calculating look. “Our guest will be here any moment.”


“Your Highness, you are referring to…”


Before the masked man could finish, a guard walked in briskly.


“Your Highness, the butler of the Prime Minister Residence is waiting outside.”


“Let him in.”


A few minutes later, the butler came in, his face twisted in an anxious grimace. “This old servant pays respects to Your Highness.”


He passed a letter to Hua Ziqing, but the latter simply threw it to the side, causing the butler to panic.


“Your Highness, the Prime Minister has something to discuss with you. Please take a look.”


Understanding that he had been rather impolite, the butler immediately lowered his head.


There was a hint of contempt in the masked man’s eyes. “Send him off.”


The butler froze for a moment before moving as if he was about to say something. However, a guard came forward and escorted him out before he had the chance.


“Your Highness, it looks like Prime Minister Wen is getting anxious.” The masked man smiled faintly.


Hua Ziqing’s eyes were wreathed in coldness. “The matter involving military rations was already severe enough; how could he remain calm when the serious crime of embezzling disaster funds is about to be revealed?””


“Your Highness, do you plan to leave him to his own devices, or save him?” The masked man asked contemplatively.


Hua Ziqing replied coldly, “That would have to depend on what Prime Minister Wen has to share with this Prince.”


“You plan to meet with him?” The masked man asked cooly.


The only answer Hua Ziqing gave was a calculative smile at the corner of his mouth.


After getting thrown out of Liuhua Courtyard, the butler quickly reported back to Prime Minister Wen, who only gave a brief response.


“He will meet with me.” 


Just as he expected, the door opened a while later, and a man wearing a douli appeared with a guard.


“Let’s go.”


Understanding his intentions, Prime Minister Wen boarded the horse carriage and arrived at a small hut in the countryside.


“Prime Minister, why do you wish to meet with this Prince?” Hua Ziqing removed his douli and asked despite already knowing the answer.


“Prince Qing, this old subject is here to make a deal with you.” Prime Minister stated his objective respectfully, though his heart was cold.


I initially thought that I still had a lot of time left to resolve this matter, but who would have thought that the heavens wouldn’t spare me.


Seeing his pretentious behaviour, Hua Ziqing’s smile deepened. “Then let’s hear what you have to say, Prime Minister Wen.”


I won’t move unless the enemy moves.


Prime Minister kept his cool. “Your Highness, I can give you what you want, but this old subject would like to have the accounting book back.”


Although he knew that the first to break the impasse would be on the losing end, the circumstances gave him no choice.


Well aware that Prime Minister Wen was already pushed to the precipice, Hua Ziqing’s arrogant confidence grew. “Prime Minister Wen, do you believe that you are in a position to negotiate with this Prince?”


“Prince Qing, don’t forget that this old subject can still be very useful to you. If you keep up with this act, I wouldn’t mind dragging you down with me.” Prime Minister Wen’s tone was resolute.


He was clear about his indispensability in helping Hua Ziqing attain the position he desired.


Hua Ziqing’s eyes glimmered with coldness. “That is to say, you have decided to betray Hua Zirong?”

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