Knowing that Yun Ruofeng had been successfully baited, the cloaked man smirked to himself.


Naturally, Yun Ruofeng became suspicious.. “Why are you so confident that your evidence would work?”


“Prince Yun, I believe that there is no way you aren’t up to date with Xiliu’s situation. As such, you should know that things are not as they appear.” The cloaked man smiled.


Tired of these word games, Yun Ruofeng stared at the man and said, “Enough with your riddles. What are you trying to say?”


The cloaked man was unperturbed. “The real Su Xi-er has returned to her body.”


“What did you say? Say that again?” Yun Ruofeng looked rather shocked at this, but was able to quickly regain his composure.


The cloaked man laughed. “This old man is simply stating the truth. What do you think will happen to a foreign soul when the original returns to the body?”


“What are you planning?” Yun Ruofeng asked carefully.


“That will depend on what Prince Yun wants me to do,” said the cloaked man.


“My aim is simply to get Lan-er back by any means possible.” Yun Ruofeng’s eyes glinted as he spoke.


“As per Prince Yun’s wishes, this old man will bring her back by the promised hour.” Though the cloaked man gave a genial smile, he was already making calculations in his head.


The snipe has been baited. Now to wait for the arrival of the clam. [1]


A cunning glint shone in the cloaked man’s eyes as he envisioned the future.


“This Prince is curious how you will bring her here. As you said, would the real Su Xi-er be willing?” Yun Ruofeng was not one to believe what others said that easily even if his proposition was tempting.


The cloaked man laughed in response, but his calm response was laced with a thinly veiled threat. “Prince Yun, there are some matters where it’s best to remain ignorant.”


“Fine, I will wait then. We’ll see if you can succeed,” Yun Ruofeng retorted.


The cloaked man’s eyes dimmed before returning back to normal. “You will just have to wait for the good news, Prince Yun.”


The man then left the room before turning back for a quick glance, thinking to himself, Love really is blind.


“Prince Yun, do you really believe him?” Yun Ling asked.


Yun Ruofeng scoffed, “If Lan-er was able to come back to life, who’s to say that a portion of the original Su Xi-er’s soul can’t remain in that body? That man, however, has underestimated Pei Qianhao.”


“Prince Yun, you mean to say that he might be…?”


There was no need for Yun Ling to finish his question for Yun Ruofeng to know what he was getting at.


Yun Ruofeng laughed. “Wouldn’t that be great? His real master will reveal themselves whether they want to or not once that happens.”


“Prince Yun, how did you know that she wasn’t his real master?” Yun Ling asked.


Yun Ruofeng tapped his fingers lightly on the desk as he said, “I realised it when she approached me.”


“Prince Yun, do you think that Hua Zirong and Hua Ziqing may have realised it too?” Yun Ling asked.

1. This is a reference to a Chinese proverb where a third party, the fisherman, was the only one who benefited when the snipe and clam fought. More information here.

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