Let alone the pregnant Su Xi-er, this man had extraordinary skill, and it would be difficult for any regular person to detect his presence.


He raised a hand and traced her features in the air. “Not bad looking. This face is much gentler than the stern Ning Rulan. It’s rare that a soul will enter someone else’s body, but if you want this body, let’s see how you’ll perform first.” He then turned to leave.


Su Xi-er woke up right after the man left, a smirk hanging on her lips.


Pei Qianhao and Du Ling entered the room shortly after. There was no one else around, but Pei Qianhao was able to tell that somebody had been here.


“Wu Ling, tail that spy and tell me what you find.”


Pei Qianhao rushed into the room, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw her fast asleep. Su Xi-er had been rather weak recently, and she had to protect the baby in her tummy as well. Their temporary inability to return to Beimin wasn’t helping things either.


“Xi-er, no matter what happens, you’ll always be my Xi-er.”


He knew that this was no simple matter, but he would kill anyone who wanted to hurt Su Xi-er.


Meanwhile, the spy was rushing back to his safehouse, but couldn’t escape Wu Ling’s watchful gaze. Noting where the man escaped to, Wu Ling quickly informed one of his colleague’s to report back to Pei Qianhao.


Someone in the vicinity saw everything and gave a satisfactory smile before entering a private room.


In the room, Yun Ruofeng had a note clutched in his hand.


“Your Highness, the covert sentry (anshao) is back, but…”


“Give me the information. His punishment is death.” Yun Ruofeng said without emotion.


The guard he was speaking to nodded and thought, How unlucky to be caught when coming back. It is an embarrassment to Master.


He then left the room as quickly as he could.


“Prince Yun, this old man is back.” The cloaked man smiled as he entered.


Yun Ruofeng asked, “You have a plan, for real?”


“Princess Consort Hao is now under my control. She’ll do everything I ask of her. It will all depend on Prince Yun’s sincerity now.” The cloaked man’s eyes shone as he spoke.


Seemingly annoyed, Yun Ruofeng said, “Tell me what your master’s real aim is.”


“Prince Yun, you are a smart man. You desire Xiliu’s assistance, while my master would like yours. Isn’t this an easy partnership?” The cloaked man answered in a roundabout way.


Yun Ruofeng smirked. “I thought you worked for her, but I guess you have more than one master.” His eyes remained fixed on the man, daring him to deny the statement.


Though surprised to hear that, the cloaked man was able to compose himself in an instant. “This old man doesn’t quite understand what Prince Yun is saying.”


“You know very well what I’m saying. This Prince admits that I was being played for a fool by you previously. But now…” Yun Ruofeng continued staring.


The cloaked man was unperturbed. “This tactic of yours doesn’t work on this old man. I’ve seen many things in my lifetime. Also, there is nobody who isn’t aware that Prince Yun admires Princess Consort Hao.”


“What do you want?” Yun Ruofeng asked in frustration.


The cloaked man smiled. “No need to be so impatient, Prince Yun. This old man has a way to prove that Princess Consort Hao is Ning Rulan.”


Surprised flashed past Yun Ruofeng’s face, followed by suspicion in the next instant. He had spread rumours to plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of the public, but even so, it was difficult to get anybody to believe them with no proof.


If only there was evidence to prove it, things would go my way! Can this person really get proof though?

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