“Prime Minister Wen is a smart man. As long as you do as I say, this prince will give you all that you wish for.” Hua Ziqing threw out the bait.


Prime Minister Wen made a quick calculation upon hearing this. What’s important now is to get over the obstacle that’s right in front of me. If I don’t, things may spiral out of control.


“May I have a few days to think about it?” Prime Minister Wen tried to stall. Even one day was better than none.


Obviously, Hua Ziqing knew what the older man was up to. “Prime Minister Wen, this Prince doesn’t like to beat around the bush. If you’re not sincere about this, I might just show this to the world.”


The thinly-veiled threat was enough to make the prime minister compromise.


Originally, this matter only involved the imperial family. But now, Prince Hao, the Western Region King, and even Yun Ruofeng are involved.


“You need my help, while I need to keep this safe. Why the rush in forcing me to decide?” Prime Minister Wen decided to take a softer stance.


Hua Ziqing was unconvinced. “Your tricks don’t work on me, Prime Minister Wen.”


“Prince Qing, this old subject suggests that you know your boundaries.” Prime Minister Wen did not back down.


“Prime Minister Wen, this prince is treating you with utmost sincerity,” Hua Ziqing answered with a smirk.


Prime Minister Wen frowned slightly. “You call threatening me sincerity?”


“Prime Minister Wen is intelligent, so I’m sure you know what I really mean,” Hua Ziqing said calmly.


Prime Minister Wen seemed to have had enough as he said, “Prince Qing, I’ve already given Xiliu’s imperial secret scrolls to the emperor. There’s no use in continuing to threaten me.”


“No need to pretend, Prime Minister Wen. Only someone like Hua Zirong would trust in the incomplete set of scrolls that you gave him.” Hua Ziqing felt blood pool in his mouth, but he swallowed it back down forcefully.


“What do you mean by that, Prince Qing? This old subject would never hide such an important document.” A fierce glint flashed past Prime Minister Wen’s eyes before his expression returned to normal.


Hua Ziqing asked sarcastically, “I’m sure Prime Minister Wen knows the truth better than anyone else, isn’t that right?”


Prime Minister Wen maintained his innocence as he said, “Prince Qing, this old subject doesn’t understand what you are talking about.”


Hua Ziqing then said, “You are a smart person, Prime Minister Wen. Be careful of accidentally hurting yourself.”


“Prince Qing, this old subject knows what your aim is. Since we have different objectives, please leave.” Prime Minister Wen wanted Hua Ziqing out of his residence.


Though he understood the severity of the issue with military payments, that was nothing when compared to Xiliu’s imperial secret scrolls. There was no way he was going to miss the forest for the trees.


“Prime Minister Wen, do you think you’ll still be trusted after Hua Zirong finds out you’ve given him something incomplete?” Hua Ziqing decided to be direct this time.


Prime Minister Wen said, “This old subject has no idea what you’re talking about. All of Xiliu’s imperial secret scrolls belong to the emperor, and this old subject would never dare hide any of them. Please do not falsely accuse me, Prince Qing.”


Hua Ziqing smirked at the old man’s response. A fox, no matter how sly, will never be able to get away from a skilled hunter.


“Madame Wen killed your daughter.” Hua Ziqing said.


Anger instantly bubbled up in Prime Minister Wen. “Please leave, Prince Qing.”


What happened was an embarrassment for Prime Minister Wen, and he did not want anyone talking about it.

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