Lanshan looked at Hua Zirong with a downcast expression.


“It seems I’ve been in the monastery for so long that Your Majesty has forgotten my place in Xiliu.”


“I did not forget. It is you, Great Ancestor, who broke your promise,” Hua Zirong said.


“So be it; we are unable to come to an agreement.” Lanshan’s gaze turned gentle as she spoke.


She then alighted the carriage and left, with Hua Zirong instructing the guard to drive off immediately after.


In a private room.


Yun Ruofeng was looking through Yun Ling’s intelligence report.


Though detailed information about Xiliu’s past was scarce, he was still able to get a general idea of what had happened.


He set the report aside and asked, “Yun Ling, is everything here true?”


“Prince Yun, though many might have forgotten about the past, this subordinate was able to locate an elderly man who was able to remember everything. He was already beginning to go senile, but was able to remain lucid as I spoke to him.” Yun Ling answered calmly.


Yun Ruofeng then said, “If what you say is true, this information will be of great use for us.”


“Your Highness, how are we going to leverage this information when those involved are already dead?” Yun Ling asked with visible confusion.


Yun Ruofeng chuckled. “This report is nothing more than hearsay, and those people might still be alive for all we know. Besides, there is at least one of these people who we know for sure is alive, isn’t there?”


“Are you referring to Prime Minister Wen? But the Prime Minister is already on Hua Zirong’s side; would he be willing to assist us?” Yun Ling asked.


Yun Ruofeng gave a tiny smirk. “As long as someone has a weakness, they can be manipulated. Prime Minister Wen is no different.”


“If Your Highness is able to think of this possibility, she might also be planning something similar,” Yun Ling reminded him gently.


Yun Ruofeng said, “Let her be. We’re still in a partnership at this point.”


Seeing how confident Yun Ruofeng seemed, Yun Ling understood that his master wanted to simply observe until an opportunity for him to enjoy the third party’s benefit arose.


In the middle of their discussion, Yun Ruofeng tapped on the table twice, and Yun Ling disappeared into the shadows.


“No need to be that sneaky since you’re already here.” Yun Ruofeng turned to the door as he spoke.


The man in the black cloak walked in. “This old man was just afraid to walk in on the two of you plotting against my master.”


“Drop the pretense. We don’t even know if you’re really loyal to her.” Yun Ruofeng scoffed.


The man in the cloak ignored Yun Ruofeng’s comment and said, “This old man is here to give Prince Yun some information.”


“Oh? What have you gotten from the posthouse?” Yun Ruofeng asked.


The man in the black cloak handed a piece of paper to Yun Ruofeng, saying, “You’ll know once you take a look.”


Yun Ruofeng read the contents and crushed the note immediately. “What are you planning?”

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