By the time this revelation had come to Pei Yaran however, He Ying had already spoken before Pei Yaran could question Su Xi-er.


“Empress Dowager, this servant does indeed have a hidden disease. Ever since I reached a marriageable age, my body would feel unwell every three months. I don’t know why, but it would sometimes feel itchy and painful. This servant did not want  you to worry, so I didn’t dare to inform you, Empress Dowager.”


This caused Pei Yaran to have nothing to say. Silly lass! You actually admitted it yourself! How can I not know whether you have a hidden disease after you have accompanied me since I was young? 


However, Imperial Physician Zhao has heard her confession; there is no way to take those words back. 


Hearing this, Imperial Physician Zhao immediately suggested, “Although we don’t know what kind of hidden disease it is, Miss He’s pulse isn’t steady. She must be transferred out of the Compassionate Peace Palace within three days.”


Pei Yaran looked at Su Xi-er, her eyes filled with coldness. “Since He Ying has a hidden disease and Imperial Physician Zhao hasn’t discovered Xiang Grass in the parterre, go and arrange the flower pots right now.”


Su Xi-er replied respectfully, “Yes, Empress Dowager. This servant will get to it right away.”


Even if He Ying will enter the palace again in the future, she is still going to be evicted from the imperial palace for the time being.


Yet, before Su Xi-er could leave, an imperial guard stopped outside the open door to He Ying’s room.


The imperial guard bowed and paid his greetings in a resounding voice while remaining outside. “Empress Dowager, this subordinate has come under Prince Hao’s orders. Are you in the room?”


His voice was very loud, and Pei Yaran could hear it clearly from inside the inner room. She had received word yesterday that Prince Hao had already headed for Nanzhao in advance.


Did he specially command someone to comfort me because he feels guilty over his previous actions that have harmed me?


Pei Yaran’s pace towards the exit picked up when this thought crossed her mind, even bumping into Su Xi-er on the way.


Soon, Pei Yaran’s exit had left Su Xi-er with Imperial Physician Zhao and the bedridden He Ying.


Outside the room, the imperial guard immediately bowed and paid his greetings when he saw the Empress Dowager.


“Did Prince Hao ask you to pass on any message to this Empress Dowager?” Pei Yaran stowed her expectant expression and changed to a solemn one.


The imperial bodyguard’s voice became noticeably lower as he replied deferentially, “Prince Hao issued a verbal edict. Su Xi-er can only stay in the Laundry Service Bureau. There will be someone assigning her work every day. If the Empress Dowager feels bored, she can go to the Imperial Garden to view the Purple Fragrance Flowers.”


After Pei Yaran heard that, her whole body stiffened in shock. He dispatched someone specifically to remind me not to punish Su Xi-er while he is away from Beimin?


“Prince Hao also mentioned that with Flower gone, he will give you another cat in the future if he has the chance, Empress Dowager. If you really have nothing to do, you can summon Old Madame Pei into the imperial palace and chat to relieve your boredom.”


Pei Yaran’s expression became profound while her hands that were hidden in her sleeves were clenched tightly. Only after several moments did she manage to stifle the boiling fury in her heart.


In the end, he is still doing it for the sake of Su Xi-er.


A temporary interest? Hehe, compared to power, Su Xi-er is nothing at all. It’s the Pei Family which bestowed him his family background. Without the Pei Family, could he have entered the palace? Without me helping him to put things in order in the imperial harem, could he have attained this position of Prince Regent?


She knew that he was powerful. His own strategies and abilities supplemented his current position with countless capable subordinates. Prince Hao’s efforts were a large part why the Pei Residence was now considered to be above the Xie Residence. The Pei Residence is no longer suppressed by the Xie Residence but placed above it instead.


However, without what the Pei Residence starting him off, he would be nothing at all! Now that he has power, he has started to treat me coldly and ignore me.


I am only eighteen years old. On what basis should he make me bear the days in this deep palace! 


Pei Yaran took in a deep breath and finally relaxed her hands before she calmly instructed the imperial guard. “Convey my message to the Pei Residence to summon Old Madame Pei to the Compassionate Peace Palace.”


Although the imperial guard was from the Prince Hao Residence and only took orders from Prince Hao, the latter had previously mentioned to let Old Madame Pei enter the palace to accompany the Empress Dowager. Since the Empress Dowager’s command was in accordance with his orders, he immediately bowed and accepted the order.


In the courtyard, Pei Yaran stood alone silently. The weather is hot today, but no matter how swelteringly hot it is, I only feel that it is freezing cold from bitter disappointment.


Not having expected to be sidelined in such a manner, Pei Yaran could only feel bitter disappointment in her heart. The frigid pain she felt could only be described as needles piercing through her skin, sinking into her bones.

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