Su Xi-er slashed at He Ying’s upper and middle body with the hairpin in her hand before pausing. Finally, she poked at her one more time, jolting He Ying further awake as her whole body quivered.


In He Ying’s eyes, the current Su Xi-er was a frightening existence. Even though her eyebrows were clearly arched as she smiled, it caused He Ying to feel a nip in the air instead. Back when she was standing next to the parterre, she didn’t know what had happened. All she remembered was feeling a sharp pain in her knee before she fell headfirst into it.


Although she had no evidence to incriminate Su Xi-er, He Ying had no doubts that the culprit was Su Xi-er.


However, Su Xi-er’s current appearance was too scary. Despite having some status after serving at the Empress Dowager’s side, He Ying was now reduced to a fish on the chopping board, at the mercy of Su Xi-er who could slaughter her at any time.


“Miss He, this servant still recommends that you take the initiative to admit that you have a hidden disease. It wouldn’t be good if the Compassionate Peace Palace gets involved with the Xiang Grass. Imperial Physician Zhao currently suspects that the Compassionate Peace Palace has Xiang Grass in it. Could it be that Miss He manufactured the itching powder to harm the Laundry Service Bureau, then shifted the blame onto the Palace Side Quarters?”


Su Xi-er deliberately hinted. So far, Imperial Physician Zhao hadn’t found Xiang Grass in the Compassionate Peace Palace.


He Ying’s lips were pursed tightly enough that she could taste the medicinal powder at her lips. Now that things have already come to this, I must make a choice. 


Her eyes shut in deliberation. If I leave the palace, the Empress Dowager can still summon me back. I don’t have a hidden disease. The Empress Dowager knows that best in her heart.


Su Xi-er stuck the hairpin back in He Ying’s hair bun and slowly said, “Miss He, you have to nurse your body properly; especially this face. The Empress Dowager has instructed this servant to watch over you. If even the slightest mishap happens, the Empress Dowager won’t let this servant off.”


He Ying didn’t respond, instead taking a few deep breaths as her chest heaved with each breath she took.


She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to control her own emotions as soon as she opened her mouth. She really wanted to throttle Su Xi-er to death. She’s clearly just a lowly palace maid; why does she have such a powerful mouth?


Su Xi-er sat on a chair at one side with her hand placed on the table next to it. Things will be resolved once tomorrow comes.




Early the next morning, the palace maids sent breakfast over for Su Xi-er to bring to He Ying.


The medicinal powder had more or less been absorbed into He Ying’s skin after an entire night. After washing herself off, another layer of it was applied before she went back to lying in bed.


An hour later, Pei Yaran and Imperial Physician Zhao came to the room. Su Xi-er stood up to pay her greetings, leaving He Ying struggling to sit up before she was chided by the Pei Yaran to lie back down.


“Imperial Physician Zhao, quickly go and take a look.” Pei Yaran’s anxiety had left her unable to sleep for half the night.


No matter how much she wanted to, Pei Yaran didn’t have any evidence to punish Su Xi-er. That being the case, the only option was to transfer He Ying out of the imperial palace and let her temporarily stay at the Pei Residence. 


All of these have been caused by Su Xi-er, while He Ying had fallen victim to her tricks. Once she can leave her room, I’ll first send her to the Pei Residence and transfer her back to the imperial palace in the future.


Imperial Physician Zhao immediately felt her pulse, and shook his head soon after. “Empress Dowager, since we have yet to find any Xiang Grass in the parterre, but Miss He is still in this state, the only plausible explanation is a hidden disease. ”

Pei Yaran furrowed her eyebrows. That’s not right! There is also another possibility. We have forgotten about the fine powder that was found at the sides of the water vat in the Laundry Service Bureau. Perhaps Su Xi-er is in possession of such powder, and had sprinkled some onto He Ying’s body!

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