“Do you think only the Monarch is privy to that information? Hua Zirong, you’re the most unqualified monarch there is.” Hua Ziqing’s mocking tone rang out, and despite his pale complexion, his eyes were savage.


“Haha!” Hua Zirong scoffed. “So this is why you made use of Prime Minister Wen. It’s only a shame that you’re unaware of the full story, causing you to make a foolish mistake by trying to act on limited information.”


“There’s no use in trying to scare me. If what I know isn’t the truth, you wouldn’t have that look on your face.” Hua Ziqing smirked.


Hua Zirong’s gaze darkened. “You’re in no position to comment on things.”


Instead of retorting, Hua Ziqing simply stared at him.


Clap clap.


“How lively! How can the Monarch and Prince Qing uphold the reputation of Xiliu’s imperial family when you’re both arguing like children?


Lanshan entered in a white dress, holding a horsetail whisk in her hand.


“Great Ancestor, you’re here,” Hua Zirong greeted. He had no choice but to put on a facade of politeness even though she was his enemy.


Lanshan smiled. “I’m here to visit Qing-er since I received word that he was injured. Is that why you’re here as well, Your Majesty?”


Hua Zirong smirked inwardly at her pretense and said, “I plan to let Prince Qing go to Liushui Compound so that he can get proper rest. The security in Liuhua Courtyard isn’t as good as that of the palace. It’s all for Prince Qing’s safety, and to ensure that there’s no second assassination attempt.”


What he said was akin to a slap in the face for Lanshan.


Lanshan answered, “Thanks for the concern, Your Majesty.”


She then directed a smile at Hua Ziqing and said, “Qing-er, get a good rest at Liushui Compound. Don’t get hurt again.”


Hua Ziqing’s fists were clenched. He knew that she was warning him not to act recklessly.


“This grandson understands. Do not worry, Great Ancestor.”


Lanshan nodded at this and said, “I’ll get going now since I see that you’re doing fine.”


“It’s getting late. You might want to head back too, Your Majesty. There are too many people watching outside.” Lanshan spoke gently, as if she was a kind senior.


Hua Zirong’s gaze turned cold as he answered, “I know.”


However, before Lanshan could depart, she heard Hua Zirong’s voice again. “Wait.”


She turned and asked, “Anything the matter, Your Majesty?”


“Great Ancestor, you might want to take some time to visit an old friend who has returned.” Hua Zirong smirked.


Lanshan instantly knew what he meant, and her eyes turned into daggers. “Your Majesty, this old woman has forgotten many things which have happened in the past.”


She then turned to walk out of the room, her steps filled with determination and purpose.


“Prince Qing, she’s your strongest backer. But even she might have to rely on someone else.” Hua Zirong spoke with an air of nonchalance.


He then left the room without waiting for Hua Ziqing’s reply.


Hua Ziqing watched as he left, his fists still clenched. He did not know everything that was recorded in the imperial secret scrolls, but he knew that they held the key to both Xiliu’s past and future.


A masked man appeared with a wave of his hand.


“I want to get the full set of Xiliu’s imperial secret scrolls.”


The masked man disappeared almost as quickly as he appeared after receiving the instructions.


Hua Ziqing smiled to himself. “No one can stop me.”


Upon exiting Liuhua Courtyard, Hua Zirong spotted Lanshan waiting for him in the horse carriage.


“What? Why do you look so surprised?” Lanshan asked, smiling.


Hua Zirong remained calm as he said, “It seems like Great Ancestor is rather interested in hearing about that old friend.”


“Your Majesty, are you sure you want to do this with me?” Lanshan asked, emotion flashing past her eyes.


Hua Zirong scoffed. “You’re the one who refuses to let go of me.”

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