“Princess Consort Hao has already informed me of everything, and I’m willing to cooperate. My only wish is to see that child once more. I hope the Monarch can grant my request.” The woman in white spoke with a pained expression.


Upon hearing her request, Hua Zirong looked over at Su Xi-er, but her smile remained.


“I promise you that. I’ll get someone to send you back to your hometown,” Hua Zirong answered.


The woman in white nodded before retreating out of the room with a complicated expression.


“Princess Consort Hao, she doesn’t look like she has given up, does she?” Hua Zirong asked in an icy voice.


Before Su Xi-er could answer, Pei Qianhao interjected with a jeer. “You’re scared of her?”


Hua Zirong knew that Su Xi-er was unwell, and it would not be polite of him to make things difficult for her at this point.


“Prince Hao, I only mean that I would like things to proceed without a hitch. Nothing more.” Hua Zirong responded calmly.


“You’re already being driven into a corner by wolves and tigers. Are you trying to attract other predators like lions and leopards now?” Du Ling scoffed.


Hua Zirong simply responded, “Lions and leopards might be preferable to wolves and tigers.” He then spun on his heel before speaking again. “I have something else to attend to, and will take my leave.”


Du Ling and Pei Qianhao exchanged glances and a slight nod.


Hua Zirong headed for Liuhua Courtyard immediately after leaving the posthouse.




In Liuhua Courtyard.


Hua Ziqing was sitting on a chair dressed in his usual white robe, a cup of tea placed in front of him.


“Your Highness, Hua Zirong is on his way here. Do we need to make any preparations?” The man with the douli asked.


“There’s no need. We’ll just observe for now,” Hua Ziqing said.


It was no sooner that the words left his mouth than Hua Zirong made his way in with a guard in tow.


Seeing how relaxed Hua Ziqing looked, he said, “It seems that Prince Qing’s injuries are not that severe. You’re even in the mood to brew tea.”


“Don’t tease me like that, Your Majesty. It’s lucky that I got away with a minor injury,” Hua Ziqing answered.


“In that case, does it mean that there’s no need for Prince Qing to recuperate elsewhere?” Hua Zirong asked.


He wanted to murder Hua Ziqing so much that he would’ve done with his own hands if possible. However, his position was precarious as it was, to the point where he had to help hide Hua Ziqing’s atrocities instead of prosecuting him for them.


Hua Ziqing smiled, his wound tearing at the same time, causing fresh blood to seep through his garments.


His guard went up to him but was stopped.


Hua Ziqing knew very well that he had to show Hua Zirong evidence of how serious his wound was so that he could openly exit the compound.


A cold glint flashed past Hua Zirong’s eyes before he composed himself. “It seems like Prince Qing does need to recuperate in better conditions.”


To be able to be ruthless to himself, he’s a dangerous man.


“This Prince will obey Your Majesty’s instructions,” Hua Ziqing quickly answered before Hua Zirong could say anything else.


Hua Zirong then said, “Since Prince Qing is badly wounded, you are allowed to move to the Liushui Compound. However, you must be alone.”


Hua Ziqing thought, Moving me to another prison. I guess Hua Zirong is taking revenge for what I did to him. He’s trying to put me in a cage.


“This Prince obeys the instructions,” Hua Ziqing responded calmly.


Hua Zirong spoke without emotion, “Prince Qing, I hope you can rest well in Liushui Compound.”


Since he was still bleeding, Hua Ziqing was turning rather pale, and his vision was beginning to blur.


His guard watched anxiously, but he knew that he could not do anything to help at this point.

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