“Prince Hao, I’ve always admired how you handle things. Unfortunately, Xiliu is vastly different from Beimin. Though we are aware that things might not be running smoothly, we’ve always tried to fix them.” Sadness flashed across Hua Zirong’s countenance for a brief moment before he recovered.


“You can ask for my help if you ever need it,” Du Ling smiled, but Hua Zirong could only return it halfheartedly.


After he left, the air seemed to thicken in the room.


“Prince Hao, would you happen to be aware of Xiliu’s imperial secrets?” Du Ling asked.


Su Xi-er glanced at Pei Qianhao gently.


“A-Jing, Hua Zirong must have his reasons for protecting Prime Minister Wen.”


After a moment of contemplation, Pei Qianhao said, “Xiliu’s imperial family will crumble once Prime Minister Wen falls.”


Even though he only said a few words, it was enough for Du Ling and Su Xi-er to understand the implications of Pei Qianhao’s statement.


After visiting the trio, Hua Zirong made his way to the Prime Minister’s Residence.


He stopped outside the door for a long while, thinking if he should go through with this, since he knew there would be no turning back after stepping through the doors.


Seeing him look indecisive, his guard asked, “Master, are we going to enter?”


“You’ve been with me long enough to know that this is the only option we have.”


His guard then nodded and knocked on the door, waiting as Prime Minister Wen quickly appeared and boarded the horse carriage.


Prime Minister Wen gave a greeting, “This old official pays his respects to Your Majesty.”


“You’re a smart man, so you should know why I’m here,” Hua Zirong said without preamble.


Prime Minister Wen remained respectful as he answered, “This old official understands.” If Hua Zirong was here, it meant that he was safe. It also meant that he would have to prove his loyalty from here out.


“Since you understand, I’ll just have to watch you do your job after this,” Hua Zirong said simply.


Prime Minister Wen knelt and said, “This old official solemnly swears to protect Your Majesty until the day I die.”


“That woman is going to come knocking on your door soon, and it’ll be up to you at that point. Prime Minister Wen, be prepared to meet the late Monarch if you even think about doing anything sneaky.” Hua Zirong spoke with a threatening tone.


There was no change in Prime Minister Wen’s expression as he answered, “This old official will only be loyal to the Monarch and nobody else. I would never turn against you.”


He knew very well what he was getting himself into, but there were some things that were simply not within his control.


Seeing that Prime Minister Wen understood his situation, Hua Zirong decided not to give him any more pressure.


“Prime Minister Wen, have you brought the secret scroll with you?”


“Yes.” Prime Minister Wen nodded and handed him a scroll.


Hua Zirong unfurled it and smiled as he scanned through its contents.

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