Hua Ziqing tapped his slender fingers lightly on the surface of the table without answering, and the room fell otherwise silent.


Yun Ruofeng felt rather conflicted at the moment, and Hua Ziqing seemed to be all too happy to allow the other to squirm.


He smirked inwardly, thinking, You’re the perfect chess piece as long as she’s around.


At the same time, Su Xi-er was drinking a warm bowl of fish soup at the posthouse with no idea that she might be in danger. Even if she knew, all she would do was to give a faint smile.


Her pregnancy symptoms had been getting more and more severe, causing her to feel rather lethargic lately.


Pei Qianhao was observant enough to tell, and he gave her some encouragement. “Xi-er, you’ve worked hard.”


Su Xi-er looked at him gently. “You’re the one working hard, A-Jing. You have to take care of matters in Beimin while keeping an eye on things in Xiliu at the same time.”


Pei Qianhao stroked her hair gently and said, “Xi-er, if it were possible, I wish you wouldn’t need to have such a hard time.”


“A-Jing, don’t you like the baby in my tummy?” Su Xi-er teased him, and Pei Qianhao was more than happy to play along.


“This Prince likes everything as long as it has to do with Xi-er. How is it possible that I don’t like the child?” Su Xi-er gave a warm smile as she heard his response, but another voice came from the other side of the room, filled with mirth.


“Seems like you’re trapped by my sister for life, Prince Hao. Tsk tsk, I can’t believe that someone as powerful as you would actually end up like this.” Du Ling’s grin could practically be heard in his tone.


Pei Qianhao gave him a sideways glance before sending a sarcastic comment his way. “En, I’m not as frivolous and flirtatious as the Western Region King.”


Du Ling asked, “Is there anyone who treats their brother-in-law like this? Be careful. I might just ask my sister to take the child away and leave you alone in future.”


Su Xi-er smiled at their friendly banter and said, “A-Jing, I’m sure Elder Brother has something he wants to discuss. Stop teasing him already.”


Pei Qianhao took her in an embrace and planted a kiss on her head without caring that Du Ling was present; she quickly reciprocated with a small peck.


“Wow, can’t you guys consider my feelings? I’m still single.” Du Ling clutched at his chest and pretended to be heartbroken at the sight.


Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao looked at each other in slight surprise at Du Ling’s brief performance.


“Fine. What is it you wanted to discuss, Elder Brother?” Su Xi-er smiled as she asked.


“Well, a sister who’s married is definitely on her husband’s side now,” Du Ling playfully teased. “There was an outsider who entered the post house recently. The men I put on his tail have all been shaken off.” Du Ling turned serious as he gave them the update.


Su Xi-er remained silent as gears began turning in her head.


Pei Qianhao, however, did not look surprised. “I know.”


“You were already aware?” Du Ling was surprised since he had only stumbled upon the fact recently.


He then thought to himself, I’ve really forgotten how cunning this man can be.


“Everything is under control. That man is working for Lanshan, so don’t engage with him needlessly.” Pei Qianhao warned.


A smirk appeared on Du Ling upon hearing this. “I guess she wants history to repeat itself. I wonder how Hua Zirong plans to handle things.”


“Let’s just observe for now. Knowing Hua Zirong, he’s probably about to take action. We won’t know who will emerge as the final winner until the very end.” Pei Qianhao spoke as if he was the spectator of a game, viewing everything on the sidelines.


Du Ling marveled inwardly, I can’t help but be continually impressed by Prince Hao. Nanzhao’s Eldest Imperial Princess definitely has taste. One of them is now my sister while the other is my brother-in-law. Hah, what an intense life.


Su Xi-er’s brows creased slightly as she asked, “A-Jing, there should be someone coming to meet us soon, shouldn’t there?”


“Very soon.” Pei Qianhao answered with tacit understanding.

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