The mysterious man nodded before picking up his cloak and leaving the room.


Once he left, Yunling walked out of the shadows, saying, “Prince Yun, he’s dangerous, and cannot be trusted.”


“Yun Ling, you’re injured.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement.


Yun Ling lowered his head and said, “Thank you for the concern, Prince Yun. It’s nothing.”


“He is dangerous, but no dog would ever bite its master.” Yun Ruofeng smirked.


“Prince Yun, you’re saying that she really wants to put Hua Ziqing on the throne, or…”


Yun Ling’s question was clear enough without him needing to finish the sentence.


Yun Ruofeng tapped lightly on the table as he said, “People have ambitions. Let’s see if we can make use of that.”


“This subordinate understands.” Yun Ling nodded as he answered.


“How’s your investigation on those three years that Lanshan went missing?” Yun Ruofeng asked with slightly creased brows.


“What we know right now is that she was betrothed to someone by the late Monarch of Xiliu. However, we do not know who that person is.” Yunling answered.


The furrow of Yun Ruofeng’s brow deepened. “Let’s start looking into the secret imperial scrolls, and check on Prime Minister Wen as well. His fear of Lanshan on the day of the banquet was unnatural, suggesting that he’s hiding something.”


Yunling nodded at the instructions before retreating back into the shadows.


“It seems like Prince Yun has already forgotten about our deal.”


The door suddenly opened to reveal Hua Ziqing dressed in his usual white garb. The man with the douli whose arm was missing followed closely behind him.


“Aren’t you supposed to be under arrest?” Yun Ruofeng asked with an obvious smirk.


“Prince Yun wouldn’t really think that I’d be placed under arrest that easily, would you?” Hua Ziqing responded with a casual attitude.


“No, but I also wouldn’t expect you to act so rashly. Going against the imperial decree is no laughing matter.” Yun Ruofeng spoke with a hint of warning.


Hua Ziqing scoffed, “There’s no need to be so uptight, Prince Yun. I’m here to share a piece of good news with you.”


“Oh? What could be so important that it could compel you to go against the imperial decree just to come meet me?” Yun Ruofeng gave another smirk.


Casually, Hua Ziqing asked, “What would you do if I told you that Beimin’s Empress Dowager, the eldest daughter of the Pei Family, is pretending to be an insane person?”


Yun Ruofeng’s gaze turned cold. “What do you mean?”


“Based on the information you have, you should already know by now that the love Beimin’s Empress Dowager once had for Prince Hao has turned into hatred. What do you think she’ll do if she finds out that Princess Consort Hao is pregnant?” A cruel glint flashed across Hua Ziqing’s eyes.


Yun Ruofeng stood up immediately, closing in on Hua Ziqing before growling out, “Do whatever you want to take that throne, but I will not allow you to touch Lan-er.”


Hua Ziqing scoffed at this. “Prince Yun, don’t you think this is a great opportunity? You’ll be able to get her back, it’s just that she’ll have to go through some hardship before that. And of course, I wouldn’t truly reveal it to Beimin’s Empress Dowager.”


Yun Ruofeng understood what Hua Ziqing was getting at. The latter was trying to make use of Beimin’s Empress Dowager as bait to help him obtain Su Xi-er.


“What are you planning?” Yun Ruofeng then asked.

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