“Is this satisfactory, Prince Yun?” The man in the cloak was the one who broke the silence, his voice echoing in the empty space.


Yun Ruofeng collected himself and said, “I’m guessing that your master didn’t have you come only to offer your assistance; she’s giving me a warning as well.”


The man in the cloak answered quickly, “Nothing of the sort, Prince Yun. My master is very sincere about this.”


The man was initially unimpressed by Yun Ruofeng, but since Lanshan had wanted to work with Nanzhao’s former prince, he had figured that the latter was formidable. However, this short conversation had completely convinced him. 


Fast. Accurate. Fierce. Yun Ruofeng had been testing him from the very beginning, and he wasn’t about to let up.


“Hah!” Yun Ruofeng laughed. “Sincere, you say? You’ve been eyeing my guard since the beginning, changing your approach since you recognise that you’re more skilled. You can pretend to be polite, but your actions suggest that if this Prince is unable to pinpoint your weakness, I won’t be alive much longer.”


He went straight to the point, destroying the farce that the mysterious man put together.


Surprise flashed across the man’s eyes, but he recovered the next moment. “As expected of Prince Yun. I’m impressed.”


Even though his act fell through, the man’s confidence made it sound like everything was going according to plan.


Yun Ruofeng asked, “Why continue with your act? It’s rather distasteful to see someone proud pretending to be humble.”


He had no intention of letting the man leave in peace.


“Prince Yun, I’ve always been sincere, so there’s no need for me to act at all.” Though the man answered calmly, he was definitely shaken. He had expected that his plan might fail, but he hadn’t expected his act to fall through as well.


“This act is nothing to me.” The final nail in the coffin was thrown out by Yun Ruofeng.


The man then brought himself to his full height and scoffed, “I’ve been in this business for a good decade, but I never thought I’d be shown the door by someone younger.”


The cloak then fell onto the floor, revealing a man with two faces. One side looked like it was crying, while the other side looked like it was smiling.


Yun Ruofeng was taken aback at the sight. So this was why something felt off about him.


“A two-faced man? Someone like this really exists in this world.” He did not bother to hide his surprise.


The two-faced man scoffed. “I’ve shown my face, Prince Yun. How is that for sincerity?”


“Rumour has it that two-faced men enjoy a prestigious position in Xiliu, and that they serve the emperor. Your actions seem to contradict what I’ve heard.” Yun Ruofeng had a feeling that he was stepping into the territory of imperial secrets. If I can make use of that and obtain Xiliu, Lan-er would be mine very soon.


A cold glint flashed across the mysterious man’s eyes. “I’d suggest for Prince Yun to put away that idea, or else you might lose your life.”


The growl in his voice made the tension almost palpable.


Yun Ruofeng smirked and said, “Why are you pretending to be loyal after already becoming a turncoat?”


The man then turned serious and said, “Prince Yun, this old man is here to barter a deal with you.”


Though he had yet to talk about the deal, Yun Ruofeng knew exactly what he was getting at.


“Three days. I want to see her,” Yun Ruofeng simply said.

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