Though Xiliu looked to be peaceful on the surface, undercurrents surged with different groups planning their next move.


Yun Ruofeng looked at his subordinate before his emotionless voice was heard. “He isn’t back yet?”


Trembling, the man kneeling answered. “No. We lost contact with him after he entered the posthouse.”


Yun Ruofeng scoffed, “Trash; he’s probably been killed. Continue keeping an eye on the posthouse, and prepare to lose your head if something like this happens again.”


His subordinate left quickly after receiving the instructions, shivering as he failed to suppress his fear of what would happen if he made another error.


After he left, Yun Ruofeng gave a sidelong glance at the door when he heard a knock. “Come in.”


A man covered in black from head to toe and wore a cloak appeared, and though he seemed similar to the man with the douli, this man gave off a chillier aura.


“Who are you?” Yun Ruofeng was alert and ready to counter any attack from the unexpected visitor.


Instead of answering him, the man laughed and handed him a black token.


Taking a look at the token, Yun Ruofeng said, “You’re her subordinate.”


“My master knows that Princess Consort Hao is very important to Prince Yun, which is why I am here to help you t.” The man spoke calmly. Though his choice of words was polite, the man’s tone and body language were a stark contrast to that.


“Help me? Isn’t she just helping herself?” Yun Ruofeng mocked.


“We’re helping each other out. Prince Yun will be able to get the latest updates on everything happening in the posthouse with my help.” The man in the cloak said with confidence.


“Is that so? This Prince would like to hear what you have in mind.” Yun Ruofeng sounded rather unimpressed.


“Prince Yun, actions would speak louder than words.” The man responded with confidence, even when it was clear that Yun Ruofeng did not take him seriously.


“Oh? What if you fail?” Yun Ruofeng smirked as he asked.


The man answered, “My master has decreed that the punishment for failing a mission is death.”


That was to say, this man in front of Yun Ruofeng had never once failed. Despite himself, Nanzhao’s fallen prince couldn’t help but have his interest piqued.


“This Prince will wait for your good news. I hope you’re not making empty promises,” Yun Ruofeng warned.


The mysterious man then took out a note and handed it to Yun Ruofeng. “Prince Yun will know whether I’m bluffing or not after you take a look at this.”


Though Yun Ruofeng was suspicious, he flicked open the note without any hesitation, smiling as he did so. “I see that you’ve come prepared.”


Yun Ruofeng was actually rather surprised. Security at the post house was extremely heavy, and every single one of Pei Qianhao’s men were highly skilled. The fact that his own subordinate had failed to return made this abundantly clear, yet this note recorded every one of Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er’s actions in great detail. It could only be said that Lanshan’s subordinate was very capable.


It seems like I might have to take that woman seriously.


The man in the cloak smirked inwardly. You’re not even close to my master’s level when it comes to strategy and intelligence.


The two men simply stared at one another, neither being eager to break the silence.


As for Yun Ling, he felt an overwhelming pressure from the visitor as he observed from the shadows.


If he were to challenge the man with the douli, the fight would probably end in a draw. However, he knew that he would definitely lose to this mysterious man if they clashed.


This wasn’t cowardice or a feeling of inferiority on Yun Ling’s part. It was the self-awareness and caution that an assassin needed.

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