The woman’s rage lost steam upon hearing his words. “Qing-er, the current situation in Xiliu is murky. You shouldn’t be too impatient, even if you have your eyes on that position.”


“Grand Ancestor, I am indignant.” Viciousness replaced the gentleness in Hua Ziqing’s eyes.


The woman in lanshan understood what he was getting at and showed a smile. “Keep calm, and keep patient; there will be a way to solve everything.”


“Grand Ancestor, the only subordinates I have are the anwei you gave me.” Hua Ziqing contained his sly intentions in his heart as helplessness plagued his expression.


The woman smiled faintly. “Qing-er, the abilities I taught you are not to be used against me.” She paused before continuing. “But, you indeed need some reliable subordinates. I’ll send them to you.”


“Grand Ancestor, we can actually make use of the relationship between Yun Ruofeng and Princess Consort Hao. Why don’t we…”


Hua Ziqing was cut off by the woman in lanshan. “Prince Hao is astute and resourceful; he’s not someone a despicable person like Yun Ruofeng can defeat. That said, the rumours that have spread across the world are unfavourable to Princess Consort Hao. If we use them well, we can kill two birds with one stone. But if we fail, the worst consequence would be trapping ourselves in the city and guarding it.”


Her words finally confirmed Hua Ziqing’s thoughts that his Grand Ancestor still hadn’t let go of her ambition.


“Qing-er, Hua Zirong will definitely eliminate Li Zikang, so you have to strike while the iron is hot. Before he dies, instigate his soldiers to create chaos and kill all your opponents before they even know what’s happening.” The woman in lanshan had been meticulously playing out every step of her chessboard with her knowledge of the human heart.


However, she would never have expected that her seemingly seamless plan would collapse like sand in the wind because of a completely unexpected person.


Hua Ziqing held a composed expression. “Grand Ancestor, is Princess Consort Hao really the reincarnated Eldest Imperial Princess?”


Thoughts whirled around in the woman’s head. “There are things one must believe in, there are things one must listen to, there are things one must ask about, and there are things one must say out loud. The reverse is also true.”


Hua Ziqing quickly understood the undertone in her cryptic words. I’ll put an end to this matter and not ask any further.


“Thank you for the valuable lesson.” Hua Ziqing nodded.


The woman took a glimpse outside of the window. It’s about time.


“Recuperate well here.” 


Before Hua Ziqing could react, the woman suddenly ran him through with a sword. She pulled it out quickly, letting the man in the mask who had previously accompanied Hua Ziqing to catch him and feed him a pill to help his blood coagulate.


“Spread the news wide and far that an assassin has breached Liuhua Courtyard. You and Qing-er should be able to handle the rest.” The woman calmly said, as if she hadn’t been the one who had pierced Hua Ziqing.


Huge beads of sweat were dripping from Hua Ziqing’s pallid face as he endured the acute pain. “Your grandson thanks Great Ancestor for your teachings.”


The woman then turned around and left the room swiftly, leaving Hua Ziqing to give the man with the mask a meaningful look.


Before long, chaos broke out in Liuhua Courtyard when the news of an assassination attempt on a prince broke out. In fact, many speculated if this was Hua Zirong’s way of saying that he didn’t think Hua Ziqing’s punishment had been sufficient.


When Hua Zirong received the news in the palace, his eyes were no different from a glacier. “Hua Ziqing, you’re really ruthless.”


He was very clear that Hua Ziqing’s attempted assassination was just his own ploy. Now that such an incident had occurred, Hua Zirong understood that keeping Hua Ziqing confined would only foster dissent and distrust among the masses.


A wave of anger gushed through his whole body. 


I didn’t expect that I would have to let him out so quickly.


Hua Ziqing, since you want to come out, this Monarch will let you come out gloriously.

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