Du Ling’s eyes glimmered with coldness. “Keep the wise ones and deal with the rest swiftly.”


An ice-cold smile crept onto Pei Qianhao’s mouth. “Since they are soldiers, it’s only right for them to die on the battlefield.”


Su Xi-er responded with a faint smile as her eyes shone with astuteness. “A-Jing, Elder Brother, I have a differing opinion. Those loyal to Li Zikang are not in the minority; we may leave some traces if we don’t act prudently.”


“What idea do you have, Xi-er?” Aware of his sister’s true identity, Du Ling looked forward to seeing her in action.


Hua Zirong looked uncertain until he recalled a certain piece of gossip he had heard. If the rumours are true, then it would mean that Princess Consort Hao is actually the reincarnated Eldest Imperial Princes of Nanzhao. Ning Rulan was praised for her abilities in literature and martial arts, not losing out to any man.


“We shouldn’t take a blanket approach in dealing with Li Zikang’s soldiers. For those who were aware of his evil actions and still went along with it, the battlefield will be a fitting graveyard for them. As for those who didn’t understand his true nature, we can put them under observation for the time being. Not only will we prevent a rebellion, the other soldiers will even feel that Xiliu’s Monarch is benevolent.


“Firstly, we have to establish the situation; we will tell these soldiers that they were originally supposed to be punished, but that the Monarch was benevolent enough to allow them to redeem themselves. If they feel that they feel they have a way out, not only will the soldiers be unwilling to help Li Zikang, they will even shun him for getting them into this predicament. If he loses these soldiers, Li Zikang will have nothing left but his title, and it will be up to us to deal with him as we deem fit.”


Admiration twinkled in Hua Zirong’s eyes. “Princess Consort Hao really lives up to her reputation: benevolent and intelligent.”


Pei Qianhao gently pulled Su Xi-er towards himself, showering her with an affectionate gaze. My Xi-er is intelligent. Not only did she easily resolve the problem of Li Zikang, she even got rid of Hua Ziqing’s right-hand man.


Du Ling similarly showed a doting smile. “Younger Sister, this strategy is indeed sublime.”


However, Su Xi-er’s eyes were fixed on Hua Zirong as she spoke in a cold tone. “Monarch of Xiliu, could you let me deal with Li Zikang when the time comes?” 


Not to be outdone, Li Zikang’s eyes burned with the pride of a monarch as he calmly answered,  “Princess Consort Hao, Li Zikang is still a general of Xiliu. It would be inappropriate if I handed him over to you.”


Su Xi-er didn’t press on. Even if he doesn’t hand the man over, I still have my own ways to make him think he would be better off dead instead.


A cold smile flickered in Pei Qianhao’s eyes. “Since that is how things are, Xi-er, let’s go back then.” He then took his wife’s hand as the pair slowly departed.


As for Du Ling, he watched the two depart before turning to Hua Zirong. “Monarch of Xiliu, let me offer you some advice: If I want someone to die at 3, they certainly won’t be alive at 5.”


With everyone gone, Hua Zirong finally revealed a bitter smile.


It’s really not easy being a monarch.




Liuhua Courtyard


Hua Ziqing was brewing a pot of tea, the picture of serenity. However, his hands suddenly curled into fists before sweeping the tea set off the table, shattering the picture of peace.


A woman in lanshan walked in, her eyes becoming cold upon seeing the remains of Hua Ziqing’s tantrum.


“Qing-er, you really disappoint me.”


Hua Ziqing raised his head and glanced at her. “Great Ancestor, you are fully aware that Hua Zirong is not suited to be a monarch.”


There was a tinge of coldness in the woman’s eyes. “You are too reckless. The time is not yet ripe, yet you’ve even managed to involve outsiders in Xiliu’s internal affairs. How foolish.”


A ripple scattered in Hua Ziqing’s eyes. “Grand Ancestor, your grandson knows his mistakes. Please lend a hand.”

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