Imperial Physician Zhao cast a meaningful glance to the two palace maids at the side. “Quick, one of you grab her arms while the other one holds onto her legs.” The two palace maids listened to his instructions and immediately held He Ying’s arms and legs down.


Although restricting He Ying prevented her from moving too much and hurting herself, the unbearable itchiness caused her to whimper incessantly. Her flushed face and the thorns that hadn’t been pulled out formed a particularly ghastly sight.


Imperial Physician Zhao had sharp eyes and acted deftly, only taking a few moments to remove the remaining flower thorns.


Soon after, he passed the medicinal powder to another palace maid. “Apply this to her face three times a day after you have washed it off. Do not allow her to leave the room and come into contact with the cold air. Further observation of her condition will be needed to determine when she can leave the room.”


He Ying began to writhe again as soon as he had finished speaking. The pain in her face and itch throughout her whole body were truly unbearable, but she was unable to voice her miseries.


Pei Yaran couldn’t refrain from asking, “Why is she wriggling so much?”


“This humble subject will take her pulse later. I will first give her acupuncture and moxibustion[1] so that she can sleep.” Imperial Physician Zhao took out a fine needle and inserted it in He Ying’s sleeping acupuncture point.


Not long after, He Ying’s movements began to calm down until she finally entered a deep slumber..


Imperial Physician Zhao immediately felt her pulse. His eyebrows furrowed as he placed He Ying’s wrist down.


“Replying to the Empress Dowager, perhaps Miss He has a hidden disease that has always been concealed within the body and has only acted up now. It could also be that there was something unclean in the parterre that is causing the issue. Whatever the case may be, please carry Miss He into the room to rest first. Also have the palace maids to help her wash her face and body immaculately. This humble subject will go to the parterre to take a look.”


Pei Yaran didn’t expect such a result. Why would she be writhing about without rhyme or reason if she was perfectly alright? If she really has a hidden disease, it would imply that Su Xi-er’s words were real. That would mean that I can no longer punish Su Xi-er.


Pei Yaran glanced in Su Xi-er’s direction, only to see her calmly standing to one side.


The more Pei Yaran took in this scene, the angrier she was. He Ying has become like this, yet Su Xi-er is fine and behaves like she is unrelated to this matter. Hence, she immediately pointed to Su Xi-er and barked out an order. “Su Xi-er, follow this Empress Dowager and Imperial Physician Zhao to the parterre to find out what exactly had contacted He Ying’s body.”


From the beginning until now, Pei Yaran had never believed that He Ying had a hidden disease. According to what Imperial Physician Zhao proposed, this kind of disease has been concealed for more than 10 years and only broke out now? How can that be possible?! 


Su Xi-er replied deferentially, “Yes.”


Soon, Su Xi-er followed along as they went to the parterre in the Compassionate Peace Palace’s backyard, leaving a few palace maids to carry He Ying into the room. As they gazed at He Ying’s face, many of them felt that she would likely become disfigured from this accident.


Imperial Physician Zhao examined the parterre carefully. There was only one type of flower in the parterre that had flower thorns, and He Ying had just happened to fall onto those flowers. Could it be that there is also Xiang Grass inside the parterre and resulted in the human body to itch? If there isn’t any, it can only suggest that He Ying has a hidden disease.


After surveying the parterre, Imperial Physician Zhao reported truthfully, “Empress Dowager, this humble subject suspects that there is Xiang Grass in the parterre and it is a plant that causes people’s body to itch. If Miss He had been infected by something, this grass is very likely the culprit.”


Pei Yaran’s expression changed as soon as she heard that. “The Compassionate Peace Palace doesn’t have this kind of grass; only the Palace Side Quarters does.”

1. Moxibustion is a heat therapy in TCM that consists of burning a stick of dried mugwort on or near the surface of the skin to reduce irritation and a plethora of purposes.

Here is a link to a page for more information:

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According to what Imperial Physician Zhao proposed, this kind of disease has been concealed for more than 10 years and only broke out now? How can that be possible?!

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