With Hua Ziqing gone, Hua Zirong ordered the other guards. “Throw Li Zikang into prison; he will be executed another day.”


Everyone’s heart shook. What on earth has a trusted general done to warrant an execution?


Li Zikang’s subordinates felt their hearts skip a beat. Is this really the end of the General?


As for Li Zikang, he seemed to have already predicted his outcome. His initial indignance had faded away into a calm resignation. As long as Hua Ziqing doesn’t die, I will have a chance to make a comeback in the future.


Hua Zirong could only snort inwardly upon seeing Li Zikang’s calm appearance. Did you honestly think that I’d let everything go? Hua Ziqing will never see freedom again.


He quickly hid the flash of viciousness in his eyes, but the woman in the blue changshan still caught it. Qing-er, you mustn’t be rash, everything is yours. Rong-er, you are still a disobedient child.


As Yun Ruofeng watched on, he could only ponder the identity of this woman. He hadn’t received any intelligence regarding her, yet Pei Qianhao and Du Ling seemed to know who she was.


The woman in the white muslin felt her heart thumping against her chest, unable to ward off the incoming sense of despair. The tides seem to have changed with this person’s appearance, but will I still be able to get my child back? 


Su Xi-er glanced at Pei Qianhao. A-Jing.


Pei Qianhao responded with a gentle smile as he grasped her hand.


There was a tinge of mockery in Du Ling’s eyes. It looks like history is about to repeat itself on Hua Zirong.


With how things were going, Hua Zirong knew that he could only set aside some of his grievances for now. As for the officials present, the only thing that they could come to a consensus about was that change was coming to Xiliu.


The banquet continued, but everyone was no longer in the mood, and Hua Zirong soon dismissed the gathering. He then invited Pei Qianhao, Su Xi-er, and Du Ling to Liu Palace while Wu Ling escorted the woman in the white muslin back to the posthouse. Despite the grief swelling in her heart, the woman understood that some things had to be left aside for now, and decided to heed Su Xi-er’s words.


Upon reaching Liu Hall, Hua Zirong took a seat. “All of you have also witnessed the current state of Xiliu.” His expression was helpless, knowing that those present had already seen through all the matters that had festered beneath the surface.


Coldness glinted in Pei Qianhao’s eyes. “Hua Ziqing is a wolf, Yun Ruofeng is a tiger, and now, we have a python.” He summarised Xiliu’s situation, letting Hua Zirong prepare himself mentally.


Du Ling scoffed. “The toughest one to deal with isn’t Hua Ziqing, but that woman Lan Shan. I believe you will never forget what happened back then.”


Su Xi-er’s eyes shone coldly. Although she didn’t understand what Du Ling was referring to, she knew that the current situation wasn’t favourable for them.


“How could I ever forget? But the late Emperor left a decree that she mustn't be touched.” Hua Zirong smiled bitterly.


Du Ling’s gaze was full of sarcasm. “Do you really think that she just left the mountains recently?”


“What do you mean?” Hua Zirong was bewildered. Although there were some conjectures in his mind, he dared not confirm them.


“You had better think about it properly by yourself. Also, it’s time to change those guards in your palace. They no longer belong to you, right?” Du Ling reminded him.


Pei Qianhao’s expression was frosty as he asked. “What do you plan on doing with Li Zikang’s subordinates?”


“This is also the reason I invited all of you here. Although Li Zikang has been imprisoned, his subordinates are all Xiliu soldiers. They can’t be killed, but I cannot simply look the other way either.” 


Hua Zirong’s heart was overwhelmed by sorrow. Xiliu was surrounded by no small number of countries that would happily take advantage if a rebellion took place, and that would spell disaster.

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