The man with the douli could not believe what he just heard, but he was left with no other choice. Gritting his teeth, there was a dull thunk as his arm fell to the ground. He quickly paled as blood began to pour from his wound.


Hua Ziqing snapped his fingers to signal for someone to take the man with the douli away.


“Is this satisfactory, Princess Consort Hao?” The gentle demeanor of Hua Ziqing did not change as he spoke.


Su Xi-er couldn’t help but be impressed with how he was able to put up such a consistent facade throughout the entire spectacle.


“This Princess Consort is very satisfied. Let us get to the point now.”


Su Xi-er smirked. Thought things would end here? Dream on.


The officials present realised that Su Xi-er was not one to be trifled with, and that she and Pei Qianhao were definitely a powerful pair.


Hua Ziqing was getting slightly restless, but he made sure not to show it on his face.


“I wonder what Princess Consort Hao would like to talk about?”


“You need to ask? Of course we would like to know why the token fell apart after merely being thrown on the ground.” Du Ling scoffed.


Though Pei Qianhao looked gentle whenever he laid eyes on Su Xi-er, he had no qualms about taking the life of anyone who wanted to hurt her.


The woman in white muslin quivered as she watched everything unfold. She was still kneeling on the ground, waiting to seize the chance to find her child.


As Prime Minister Wen watched, he decided that it was best to let these people get at each other. He felt that he would be safe as long as he was on the sidelines.


Yun Ruofeng was another observer as he thought, Hua Ziqing, don’t you disappoint this Prince.


Hua Ziqing smiled. “This Prince genuinely had no idea why the token would fall apart like that. I will personally investigate the matter and give everyone a satisfactory explanation.”


Hua Ziqing was definitely intelligent, using only a few words to deflect the blame.


At this point, Hua Zirong’s vision was slowly failing him as he tried his best to hold on. Noticing this, Pei Qianhao quickly signalled to Wu Ling, who walked over and gave Hua Zirong a pill.


As Hua Zirong watched Wu Ling, he realised that Pei Qianhao and Du Ling had everything planned all along.


Yun Ruofeng was silently frustrated at this turn of events. It seems like I have overestimated Hua Ziqing. Why did I even think that he would succeed?


Hua Zirong felt his strength returning to him after he swallowed the pill, standing up and addressing everyone present. “Though it’s supposed to be Xiliu’s fireworks banquet today, it seems that Xiliu ranks are chock full of dirt and grime. I would like to clear that up.” His voice was gentle but authoritative at the same time.


The officials present seemed confused, but they could tell that Hua Ziqing was definitely in trouble.


Hua Ziqing smirked as he thought, The show won’t end so quickly. Things are just about to start.


“Your Majesty, this Prince failed to put my subordinate in place. Please mete out my punishment.” He spoke without a trace of emotion or fear.


Hua Ziqing wanted to get the upper hand in this by offering himself up. He knew very well that getting himself captured was a source of great humiliation for Hua Zirong, and that the latter wouldn’t take his life before taking revenge.


“Failed to put your subordinate in place? Is that all?” Du Ling asked sarcastically.


Pei Qianhao added, “Is trying to assassinate Princess Consort Hao also due to your failing?”


Su Xi-er said, “Prince Qing, covering something up doesn’t erase the fact that it happened.”


“Prince Qing, you have yet to clarify on the matter of taking someone’s child.” Hua Zirong looked a lot stronger now after taking that pill, and he began to calculate his moves on counterattacking in his head.


Hua Ziqing simply said, “This Prince is willing to be voluntarily kept under house arrest in Liuhua Courtyard for three months.”


Hua Zirong’s eyes glinted at this. Being willingly put under house arrest is nothing but a tactic to stall for time.


Even if I can’t kill him now, I have to take the power away from him and ensure that he can no longer get back up.

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