Su Xi-er scoffed. “Prince Qing, what do you mean? I really don’t understand.”


The best way to counterattack is to force you into silence. You can’t reveal your grievances to anyone, so your only choice is to reap what you have sown.


“Princess Consort Hao, let’s not talk in riddles. There is no grudge between us, so why do you have to get this woman to frame me?” Hua Ziqing said in an upright manner.


The officials who could discern the truth behind his words understood that it would be best for them to keep silent.


“Then why not wait for her to finish what she has to say first before letting Xiliu’s Monarch and the officials determine whether I am falsely accusing you or not?” Su Xi-er was not one to back down.


“Alright, I will listen then.” Hua Ziqing knew that the opportune moment had already passed, but he comforted himself by thinking that there needed to be an appetizer before the main course.


Meanwhile, Yun Ruofeng’s growing desperation had him staring at Su Xi-er, an action which had Pei Qianhao block his view with his own embrace.


Su Xi-er smiled blissfully at his actions, her eyes sparkling.


In direct contrast, Du Ling instructed coldly. “Continue what you were saying.”


The woman in the white muslin repeated everything that had transpired once again.


Prime Minister Wen forced himself to keep his composure. My son has already returned to the Prime Minister Residence, and Prince Qing has guaranteed that everything will take a turn for the better as long as we surmount this hurdle.


While he was in the midst of consoling himself, Su Xi-er smirked. “Prime Minister Wen, why do I see that you’re unhappy after learning the truth?”


Go on, keep acting until I peel off your fake skin.


“What do you mean, Princess Consort Hao? I simply lost control of my emotions after losing my beloved daughter. You haven’t lost a child before, so how would you understand my pain?” Prime Minister Wen refuted with anger spitting out of his eyes, and a wave of sorrow overflowing from within.


Su Xi-er’s gaze turned cold. “Oh? Then I’d like to ask Prime Minister Wen something. As a prominent minister of Xiliu, what suspects do you have in mind? In fact, aren’t you also one of them?”


A sarcastic smile hung at Du Ling’s mouth. “Prime Minister Wen, wallowing in your misery, your speech has lost the decorum it should have.”


“Western Region King, it’s understandable, as Prime Minister Wen has just lost a family member.” Yun Ruofeng said calmly.


“Princess Consort Hao, please forgive me for not minding my words.” Prime Minister Wen adapted to the situation swiftly.


Hua Zirong dug his fingernails into his palm as he tried to remain calm. He wasn’t so silly that he couldn’t see the collusion between his trusted minister and Prince Qing.


“Prince Qing, what explanation do you have for the token?” Hua Zirong went straight to the point. 


This is a chance to counterattack; I must grab hold of it.


Hua Ziqing snorted inwardly. You want to break free from my grasp? In your dreams!


“Since Your Majesty suspects me, I shall submit all of my guards’ tokens so that you can check if any of them matches the one Princess Consort Hao was referring to.” Hua Ziqing still possessed a gentle countenance.


The man with the douli soon placed 13 tokens on the table. “Your Highness, all of them are here.”


“This is sufficient to prove my innocence, right?” Hua Ziqing said indifferently.


Su Xi-er gave a smirk. “Prince Qing, does the guard behind you not count?”


This time, Hua Ziqing couldn’t mask the coldness that tinged his eyes. I initially thought that I could eliminate all threats by being open, but Princess Consort Hao’s intelligence has made her a threat. She started it, so she can’t blame me for being merciless; she can’t be allowed to live!


“Princess Consort Hao, you should know when to stop.” Hua Ziqing remarked.


“What, are you admitting to it, Prince Qing?” The corners of Du Ling’s mouth curved into a sarcastic smile.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze was ice-cold. “Did you think I’ll let you threaten my princess consort?” He then looked towards Su Xi-er with eyes filled with doting affection.

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