Du Ling’s mouth involuntarily perked up into a smile as he witnessed how in sync the husband and wife pair were.


On the other hand, Yun Ruofeng’s fists were clenched as forlorn grief reverberated in his heart. The person who you are treating gently right now should have been me. Why did it become him?


Coldness glinted in Hua Ziqing’s eyes as he made a few movements with his fingers.


While everyone was preoccupied with their thoughts, the man with the black python robes returned with a woman in white muslin.


The woman in white muslin kept her head lowered and acted very cautiously. As the daughter of an official, she was well aware of what entering the imperial palace meant. She wouldn’t have dared to do so in the past, but her yearning for her child surpassed all else.


Consoling herself, she followed the man and raised her head.


Upon reaching the middle of the courtyard, she fell to her knees with a thud. “This official’s woman has a case of false accusation to report.”


Hua Zirong’s gaze was becoming more clouded as the mixed effects of the ruanjinsan[1] and fainting medicine kicked in. “You may rise.” He forced the words out as he gritted his teeth.


I can’t collapse. I definitely mustn’t collapse. If I do, Xiliu will be in danger.


“Prince Hao, both of us happened to bring a woman to report an injustice, wouldn’t you say that it’s too much of a coincidence?” There was a brief tinge of coldness in Yun Ruofeng’s eyes.


His words were dripping with malicious intentions, suggesting that Pei Qianhao had plotted this.


Du Ling scoffed. “What, are you perhaps feeling anxious now Prince Yun? Do you feel that you’re in danger?”


Yun Ruofeng remained silent, though the cogs in his mind were reeling to come up with a countermeasure. “What could you mean, Western Region King? Everything I do is aboveboard, so why would I feel anxious?”


On the other hand, the officials present only found themselves getting even more confused about the current situation.


“Western Region King, you said you know the truth behind my daughter’s death. Could it be related to this woman?” Prime Minister Wen appeared composed, but his heart had in fact skipped a beat.


Hua Ziqing looked towards the woman with a sarcastic smile. 


Oh Prince Hao and Western Region King, did you really think it would be so easy to bring me down? The show is only at its halfway point, and the final winner remains to be seen.


“Don’t be impatient. I was trying to leave you some time to cushion the impact, but since you are so eager to plunge into hell, I shall not stop you.” Du Ling said as ruthlessness shone in his eyes.


“What alleged injustice do you have?” Su Xi-er asked the woman in the white muslin.


Tears streamed her face as she responded.“Monarch, my daughter was snatched away, only leaving behind this token with the word ‘Qing’.”


Her words sent a shockwave to everyone present.


Hua Ziqing sneered, speaking in a cold and authoritative voice. “Oh? Do you know the punishment for defaming this Prince?”


“Audacious peasant! How dare you defame His Highness!” The man with the douli yelled sternly.


The woman in the white muslin pushed down the anxiousness she felt, forcing a calm facade onto her face. This is the only way I can find my child.


“Princess Consort Hao, do you not intend on explaining to me?” Hua Ziqing looked at Su Xi-er.


Pei Qianhao returned a cold gaze of his own as he gripped Su Xi-er’s hand. “What do you want my princess consort to tell you?”


“Prince Hao, this method is too basic. This woman was rescued by Princess Consort Hao, so…” There was an undertone in Hua Ziqing’s words.

1. A type of powder that weakens the muscles, making someone unable to exert strength. It is very common in wuxia novels.

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