Clap, clap. Someone clapped twice loudly.


“That’s very smart of you, Princess Consort Hao!” Hua Ziqing said in his usual cavalier manner as the man with the douli followed behind him.


Su Xi-er’s gaze darkened for a moment before she regained her usual composure, but Pei Qianhao merely smirked. Finally, he appears.


“What do you plan to accuse me of?” Du Ling asked with contempt.


A bitter smile appeared on Hua Zirong’s face as he realised what Hua Ziqing had planned. Good move, Hua Ziqing. You’re really trying to prevent me from doing anything here.


“Is the Western Region King admitting to it now?” Yun Ruofeng asked.


“Western Region King, why did you do that to my daughter?” Prime Minister Wen took the cue and shot up, expressing the sorrow and anger expected of a grieving father.


He then knelt before Hua Zirong and pleaded, “Your Majesty, my daughter has been wronged. Please judge this fairly.”


“What a great show. A high-ranking Xiliu official is acting as a foreign lord’s puppet while trying to drive someone into a corner.” Pei Qianhao commented with slight ire.


Su Xi-er mocked, “Prince Yun, I wonder which nation you might be representing? It’s always good to make your identity known.”


This was like a slap in the face for Yun Ruofeng, and left him at a loss for words.


Su Xi-er’s words immediately reminded everyone of the fact that Yun Ruofeng was from Nanzhao. Rumour had it that he had taken ill, and was supposed to be recuperating in his own residence. The fact that he was now here in Xiliu and trying to dictate matters was not a good sign!


Hua Ziqing couldn’t help but be silently impressed with how Pei Qianhao handled matters, being able to turn the tables with only a few words. Having Su Xi-er by his side only seemed to make him more powerful. I wonder if you’re able to stay calm when you see what’s next.


“Prince Hao is right. Since Prince Yun is not a Xiliu citizen, this matter naturally does not concern you. It would be best if you do not get yourself involved in this.” Hua Zirong was quick to take the opportunity to take Yun Ruofeng out of the picture.


However, Yun Ruofeng was no pushover either.


“Your Majesty, I was the one who brought that maidservant with me. Now that she’s dead, it is only right that I look into the matter. I would be unable to rest at night if I don’t.” Yun Ruofeng spoke gently with a hint of pity in his voice, and many present seemed to agree.


“How coincidental. You just so happened to meet a maidservant from the Prime Minister Residence who was concerned about his daughter’s death. Not only that, she even conveniently ended her own life after you brought her to the palace. Should I simply assume that you’ve involved yourself in this matter already then?” Su Xi-er smiled as she pointed the finger at Yun Ruofeng.


Du Ling spoke with authority, “I was invited here as a guest, but not only was I put under house arrest, I’ve also been drugged by the Prime Minister’s daughter, and my guard was imprisoned before being tortured. I’d like to ask everyone here what they think about Xiliu’s rather aggressive behaviour.”


A cold glint flashed across Hua Zirong’s eyes as he heard this. What are Hua Ziqing and Li Zikang trying to do? Are they trying to destroy Xiliu?


“Is what the Western Region King said true?” Hua Zirong asked in disbelief. Though he knew Hua Ziqing had no qualms on stooping to lowly means, what he heard was still rather surprising news. Xiliu’s reputation would fall to an all time low, and their monarch being completely unaware of the matter would transform him into a laughingstock.


Du Ling simply nodded. He did not give Hua Zirong any extra pressure even though he was unhappy to witness what he deemed as cowardice.


The sudden information made Hua Zirong unsure of what to think about everything, but he was sure about one thing. “Someone, bring Li Zikang here.”

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