Some of the people present were dissatisfied with him, but dared not to reveal their true opinions due to the power he wielded.


“Why did you want to meet this Emperor? What alleged injustice do you have?” Hua Zirong asked imposingly.


The young maidservant knelt on the ground, not even having the courage to lift her head. “This servant was the servant of the Prime Minister Residence’s Young Miss. She was unresigned in her death, and I’d like to demand justice for her.” She choked back her sobs as her grief overtook her.


Touched by her sincerity and loyalty, many people sympathised with her.


A sinister look flashed through Prime Minister Wen’s eyes. “Audacious! How dare you spout nonsense here! Drag her away to be beheaded.”


A group of guards quickly swarmed around the maidservant, but were stopped by Yun Ruofeng’s cold look. “Wait.”


“Prince Yun, what do you mean by this?” Prime Minister Wen was clearly unhappy.


The mockery on Pei Qianhao and Du Ling’s mouth only deepened, while a cold look flickered in Su Xi-er’s eyes as she quietly watched the show.


“Prime Minister Wen, this is related to the truth behind your daughter’s death. Don’t you wish to find out?” Yun Ruofeng said coldly.


An awkward expression overcame Prime Minister Wen for a moment. “My daughter’s death has already been investigated, and it is not related to anyone. This maidservant is spouting nonsense and ruining the reputation of the Prime Minister Residence.”


“Oh? But this Prince is interested to learn what exactly happened.” Despite his placid expression, the pressure in his tone was undeniable.


However, it was precisely because his acting was too ‘real’ that Du Ling could tell that Yun Ruofeng and Prime Minister Wen were colluding.


Pei Qianhao continued to focus on looking after Su Xi-er, acting as if he didn’t notice the performance that the object of his affections was watching.


Prime Minister Wen lowered his head, uncertain if he should say something as he was plunged into a sticky predicament. What should I do now?


Hua Zirong’s gaze became deeper. What on earth happened in the palace while I was held captive?


When people saw his reaction, speculation ran rampant in their hearts.


Judging that it was about time, Yun Ruofeng gave the little maidservant a meaningful look.


“Young Miss wrote the words ‘Western Region King’ before she died. This servant is telling nothing but the truth! After saying all this, I am aware that I can’t live anymore. Monarch, all officials, please, help capture the true perpetrator who killed Young Miss so that I can die in peace!”


The young maidservant then ran headfirst into a pillar before anyone could stop her, collapsing to the floor as a crimson pool formed under her now still body.


The spectators were left in shock, and many of the female guests had turned away. As for Su Xi-er, Pei Qianhao had shielded her from the sight.


“Western Region King, what do you have to say for yourself?” Hua Zirong knew that he couldn’t afford to offend Du Ling, but he was left with no other choice under the current circumstances.


“Western Region King, a loyal maidservant disregarded her life just to accuse you. What exactly did you do?” Yun Ruofeng might have asked this in an indifferent manner, but his words actually left no room for retreat.


Everyone’s eyes were glued on Du Ling. Everyone had heard of the scandalous affair of the Prime Minister’s daughter, but they had also attributed her subsequent death to her own shame. As things were now, however, it seemed that her death may have been premeditated, and the culprit was none other than the Western Region King!


“Western Region King, is the death of this humble subject’s daughter really related to you?” Ire burned in Prime Minister Wen as his eyes wildly stared at Du Ling, perfectly playing the part of a father about to lose his mind.


Du Ling sneered, but was noncommittal, leaving Pei Qianhao to calmly survey the scene.


In the end, it was Su Xi-er who gave a cold laugh as she responded. “A bold verbal accusation at this banquet indeed carries much more impact than a written one. However, it just so happens that there are no witnesses to testify against it. That loyal maidservant may have been one such witness, but was forced to a dead end after being threatened. Thus, I must wonder if the officials of Xiliu dare to become fools in the eyes of the world for suspecting the ruler of an allied country before a proper investigation has even been carried out.” She did not yell, but the cold piercing revelations her words sent into everyone’s hearts was plenty loud.


Those present couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat. What an eloquent mouth!

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