Despite the deceivingly calm surface of the water, a wave had in fact risen and fallen again.


With his ice-cold expression and slightly frail complexion, Hua Zirong walked over with a scholarly man accompanying him. The latter would have looked completely harmless if not for the calculating look in his eyes.


Everyone stood and bowed except for Pei Qianhao, Du Ling, and Su Xi-er, who all calmly remained seated.


According to his status as Prince Regent, Pei Qianhao’s position was no lower than Hua Zirong. As his wife, Su Xi-er naturally enjoyed the same treatment. Similarly, Du Ling’s status as King was enough to match the Monarch of Xiliu.


From his investigations, Pei Qianhao was already aware that the gentle yet treacherous man beside Hua Zirong was Prime Minister Wen.


Du Ling smirked. A good show is about to begin.


“Please rise, my dear subjects.” Hua Zirong coughed softly.


Everyone settled into their seats, with Prime Minister Wen at the most esteemed position, and Pei Qianhao sitting opposite of him.


“I have long heard about Princess Consort’s soul-captivating dance, so I was wondering if we could have the honour of witnessing it today?” 


The person who had spoken was a man clad in black robes with python patterns. He wore a mask that covered the left side of his face, and a cherry blossom tattoo decorated the right. If they hadn’t seen him, a person might be hard pressed to determine his identity with his beguiling tone.


Everyone’s eyes immediately shot towards Su Xi-er.


“Who do you think you are to watch this King’s sister dance?” Du Ling questioned derisively.


Pei Qianhao’s expression turned cold as he said in an authoritative yet affectionate voice. “My Princess Consort can only dance for me.”


The man’s eyes glinted. “Western Region King, Prince Hao, why do you have to say such things? I was simply interested in the rumours surrounding Princess Consort Hao.”


“I have already said that the rumours are simply that: rumours.” Su Xi-er rebuked.


Noticing that the atmosphere was getting a little tense, Hua Zirong grabbed the armrest of his chair. He started to see double of the person in front of him, and couldn’t identify if he was still grounded in reality, or if everything was just an illusion.


Forcing himself to hang on, he swore to himself that he couldn’t let Xiliu become a laughingstock. He could only put aside his plan to seek help for now and find some other method.


As he sighed melancholically in his heart, his visage withered. 


“Does that mean that the rumours of Princess Consort Hao’s pregnancy are also fake?” The man was not one to let up.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze was only short of hurling cold daggers. Yun Ruofeng, you really deserve to die.


Du Ling was also unable to conceal his anger. I knew I shouldn’t have brought Xi-er to this banquet. His fists were already curled up, prepared to give a few punches at the right opportunity.


“King Liuqiu has travelled a long way to arrive here. Serve our fine wine, and have the dancers perform.” Hua Zirong changed the topic to alleviate the situation.


With his order issued, the dancers streamed. 


Just as the performance started, Yun Ruofeng walked in while donning a white changshan, while a young pretty maidservant trailed trembling behind him.


“Prince Yun, you really took your time in coming here. Do you take Xiliu for nothing?” Du Ling remarked with sarcasm.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze was gentle as he ignored Yun Ruofeng’s arrival, insteading continuing to pick out some plain dishes that were suitable for a pregnant woman like Su Xi-er.


Yun Ruofeng's expression was respectful. “Please forgive me. On my way here, I met this woman who was kneeling on the road and crying about an alleged injustice. She claimed that she wanted to meet the Monarch, and so I brought her along.”


Hua Zirong got the dancers to withdraw, and the lively atmosphere became tense once again.

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