“Do you have proof that I’m somehow involved in her death?” Du Ling rebuked.


Li Zikang could only silently seethe at the smirk on Su Xi’s face before his eyes flickered to Pei Qianhao’s expressionless visage. I’ll see if you’re still this arrogant after being captured!


“Western Region King, Young Miss Wen left a dying message saying that she took her own life because she was wronged. If you refuse to come with me, I’m afraid that everyone else might really think that you caused her death.” Li Zikang threatened.


“Li Zikang, is the Monarch of Xiliu aware of this?” Du Ling asked coldly.


“Of course. The Monarch is the one who ordered me to investigate this matter.” Li Zikang spoke in the most authoritative tone he could manage.


Pei Qianhao’s expression darkened. He had to admit that Hua Ziqing played his cards right. They might have gotten caught in this web of lies if they hadn’t looked into the matter previously.


It was just too bad for him that the heavens were fair and just. Their fates had already been decided.


“Li Zikang, I’d like to speak with the Monarch of Xiliu directly during the banquet. You can get out, or prepare to meet the Western Region on the battlefield.” Du Ling spoke with menace.


Li Zikang grew annoyed at how difficult Du Ling was being, but just as he was at a loss for what to do, Hua Ziqing walked in dressed in his usual white robes. The man with the douli followed behind him.


“There’s no need to get angry, Western Region King. General Li just wants to find out the truth.” His expression was gentle as he spoke.


Du Ling hated the sight of the pretentious Hua Ziqing trying to throw his weight around, and his own speech was heavy with a tone of authority. “Who would dare to force me into doing something I do not wish to?”


Su Xi-er said, “Xiliu’s actions have really been an eye-opener for this Princess Consort.”


“That’s enough, Prince Qing.” Pei Qianhao added on.


Hua Ziqing looked at Su Xi-er, thinking to himself, It’s no wonder Yun Ruofeng fell head over heels for her. This is no ordinary lady.


“The Western Region King is an important guest, and this Prince wouldn’t snub you in any way. If you are indeed uninvolved in this matter, there’s no need to resist investigation.” Hua Ziqing acted as if he was being nice and trying to help Du Ling.


Of course, Du Ling wasn’t foolish enough to take this at face value. Hua Ziqing was basically implying that refusing to comply was an admittance of guilt.


If he wasn’t already aware of the truth, Du Ling would’ve needed to tread carefully. The man known as Hua Ziqing appeared to be gentle, but was as cunning as a fox.


“Prince Qing, in that case, I would like you to meet someone. Let’s see if you recognise her.” Du Ling smirked.


What he said made Hua Ziqing pause. It must be someone in a position of power.


He then asked, “Will the Western Region King assist us in our investigations if this Prince agrees to your request?”


“Hah!” Du Ling scoffed. “I’m afraid that Prince Qing will have more important things to worry about before that.”


Without waiting for Hua Ziqing to answer, Du Ling signalled to one of the guards who then brought the woman whom Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao had found on the street.


Hua Ziqing’s gaze turned icy, while the man with the douli looked worried.


“Is the person who took your son away among them?” Su Xi-er asked gently.


The woman nodded and went to take a closer look. She seemed to have sensed something as she walked up to the man with the douli. Suddenly, her expression grew agitated before she lashed out at him.


“You damned thief! Where did you take my Huiming? Give him back to me!” 

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