“Yun Ruofeng, you think too highly of yourself,” Du Ling added.


Yun Ling glanced at Yun Ruofeng, as he sensed that the situation did not seem to be going in their favour.


Knowing that there was something else planned after this, Yun Ruofeng decided to retreat for the moment. “Since I’m unwelcome here, this Prince will take my leave.”


He then left the room shortly after, with Yun Ling following closely behind.


The atmosphere in the room calmed down after he left, and Su Xi-er turned to Pei Qianhao. “A-Jing, Yun Ruofeng seems to be rather anxious for him to come see the two of you directly.” 


Du Ling gave a scornful laugh. “I guess they have something planned for the banquet.”


Pei Qianhao smiled in response. “Let’s just watch the show.”


The three of them then returned to the posthouse, but found that some guests had arrived while they were away. Both the eunuch with the hoarse voice and the Minister of Revenue were seated in the main hall.


“Prince Hao, Princess Consort Hao, Western Region King, the three of you are finally back. Please enter the palace with us.” The eunuch sounded anxious, his tone rising naturally as he spoke.


Pei Qianhao shot him a cold clare, silencing him immediately.


“Enter the palace? Under whose orders?” Du Ling smirked as he asked.


The Minister of Revenue was slightly taken aback by Du Ling. “Western Region King, what are you saying? It is of course an invitation by our Monarch.”


Su Xi-er laughed and asked, “I wonder why we have been summoned to the palace?”


“Our Monarch has prepared clothing to be worn to the banquet for Prince Hao, Princess Consort Hao, and the Western Region King. We would like to invite our three guests for a fitting session.” The Minister of Revenue responded calmly.


The eunuch was getting increasingly anxious. Can Master’s plan still succeed? 


Du Ling decided to address the elephant in the room as he asked, “Oh? It’s not to lock me up, is it?”


“Western Region King, what do you mean? As an important guest of Xiliu, this lowly official would never dare do anything like that to you.” The Minister of Revenue answered with equal cunning.


Du Ling was rather impressed with the Minister of Revenue. As expected of a skilful underling of Hua Ziqing. He’s not letting up at all.


“I have my own clothing. Please thank the Monarch for his kind thoughts.” Du Ling decided to reject the invitation directly.


Su Xi-er smiled and said, “Prince Hao has already prepared everything that I need. The exquisite garments from the palace are probably not suitable for me anyway.”


“This Prince never puts on garments prepared by somebody else.” Pei Qianhao finished up the trio of responses.


The Minister of Revenue and the eunuch exchanged a glance, their brows creasing slightly.


“Prince Hao, it will be difficult for this lowly official to answer to the Monarch.” The Minister of Revenue spoke as if he was being placed in a very difficult position.


The eunuch then pleaded with sincerity, “Prince Hao, Western Region King.”


However, Li Zikang stormed into the room dressed in his general’s armor before anyone could answer. Several soldiers trailed behind him.


“Men, capture the Western Region King.” Li Zikang ordered coldly.


The Minister of Revenue and the eunuch were both rather stunned at this turn of events. What’s going on here? Why is it different from what the Master said would happen? What is Li Zikang doing?


“How dare you! Who gave you the order to capture me, General Li?” Du Ling scoffed as he unsheathed his sword.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze was piercing. “Do you dare to take action?”


Su Xi-er smirked. “After capturing a Western Region guard, General Li now plans to capture the Western Region King?”


Li Zikang’s anger boiled beneath his calm facade. “Prince Hao, Princess Consort Hao, the Western Region King is involved in the sudden death of the Prime Minister’s daughter. This lowly official is simply going about my duties. Please do not interrupt the operation.”

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