The backyard of the Compassionate Peace Palace had a wide open space to the left, while the right was taken up by a parterre. With a cursory glance, Su Xi-er could tell the left side was completely filled with at least 100 haphazardly placed flower pots with conifers planted in them.


The corners of He Ying’s mouth rose for a moment before she recovered and spoke in a laid back tone. “These are the flower pots. Place the large ones in the corners of the parterre, and the smaller ones around the perimeter. After you’re done, wait for me to come back to inspect your work before you can return to the Laundry Service Bureau.”


Su Xi-er pretended to look astonished. “This servant thought that there would only be a few pots. I won’t be able to finish moving all of them in one night. As for those humongous ones, this servant’s strength is meagre and unable to move them.”


“You just have to think of a way on your own. I only look at the result.” Right afterwards, He Ying turned around and was about to leave.


“Miss He, what did you say about how to arrange the flower pots just now? This servant didn’t hear it clearly. Can you take this servant to the parterre and explain it again?”


He Ying stopped in her tracks. “Didn’t hear it clearly? So stupid. Come with me.” She remarked as she took Su Xi-er towards the parterre.


Right after they approached the parterre, she rapidly pointed a few locations. “Place four large pots at the four corners. Arrange the rest in a circle around the parterre. Do you understand?”


Su Xi-er nodded earnestly. Then, when He Ying wasn’t paying attention, she took advantage of the chance to kick the latter in the knee with a considerable amount of force. He Ying immediately gave a cry of pain before falling headfirst into the parterre.


Su Xi-er also cried out, but continued to move her hands rapidly as she untied the fragrance sachet at her waist, pouring all the itching powder onto He Ying’s body, especially her exposed skin.


Some of the flowers in the parterre had barbed thorns. For her part, He Ying had collided right into them, and was too concerned with the thorns that were currently digging into her face to realise that Su Xi-er had poured itching powder on her.


“Help! Someone, come quickly! Miss He has fallen into the parterre!” Su Xi-er hollered loudly. He Ying was in extreme pain as she struggled a few times in the parterre.


Su Xi-er pretended to be flustered and pulled He Ying’s legs. “This servant will pull you out of the parterre!”


If He Ying was carried out of the parterre, her injuries would be lighter. However, if she was dragged out while chafing the flowers and plants, those wounds, particularly the ones on her face, would would end up a bloody mess. 


By the time He Ying was dragged out, several imperial guards had already rushed to the scene.


He Ying’s body laid on the ground, depleted of strength as her chest heaved for air. Her eyes hadn’t been poked but swollen from the fall, while the rest of her face was covered with flower thorns and leaking blood from the various wounds, causing her to look extremely hideous and ferocious. The pain was such that she couldn’t even muster enough strength to yowl about it.


The imperial guard looked at Su Xi-er. “What happened?”


Su Xi-er’s face was filled with anxiety. “This servant couldn’t pull Miss He back before she suddenly fell headfirst into the parterre.” At this point, she pretended to look as if she was about to cry.


An imperial bodyguard carried He Ying. “We must report to the Empress Dowager. Only with the Empress Dowager’s decree can we summon an imperial physician.”


The few imperial guards immediately moved forward and soon vanished from her sight.


Su Xi-er’s expression returned to normal, though her resplendent eyes were only highlighted by the moonlight


I won’t need to move these flower pots tonight. The Empress Dowager will order me to go over very soon.


Su Xi-er patted the fragrance sachet at her waist. The Empress Dowager’s gift is really useful.


As expected, a palace maid soon came to have her quickly report to the Compassionate Peace Palace in order to be questioned by the Empress Dowager.




Su Xi-er soon standing in the hall of the Compassionate Peace Palace again.


He Ying was lying on the ground, the bright red candlelight causing her face to appear even more frightening. Pei Yaran had already ordered someone to summon an imperial physician.


Before Su Xi-er bowed and paid her greetings, Pei Yaran demanded, “Answer this Empress Dowager truthfully. What’s with these injuries all over He Ying's body?”

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