“Elder Brother, A-Jing and I are here to take you back to the posthouse.” Su Xi-er smiled as she walked up to Du Ling.


Even for someone who has seen his fair share of beautiful ladies, Li Zikang was impressed by Su Xi-er’s looks. She was someone who looked fragile on the outside, but strong on the inside.


Du Ling smiled as he saw the couple approach, letting Wu Ling take over carrying Yu Xiao.


“Let’s go, Prince Hao, Younger Sister,” Du Ling said.


Li Zikang was visibly angered by now, but there was absolutely nothing he could do.


“Western Region King, you’re leaving the palace so soon?” Just as the group was about to leave, Hua Ziqing appeared out of nowhere.


Du Ling smirked. “Prince Qing, how does it feel to be a voyeur lurking in the shadows all the time?”


Pei Qianhao held Su Xi-er’s hand tight as he ignored Hua Ziqing, while Su Xi-er regarded the latter coldly.


“What are you saying, Western Region King? This Prince has just returned to the capital. How in the world could I be observing things in the shadows?” Hua Ziqing responded calmly.


Du Ling scoffed. “Oh? Who was it in Xiang village then?”


Though Hua Ziqing was caught slightly unawares by the sudden question, there was nary a ripple in his expression. “This Prince doesn’t understand what you are trying to get at.”


Seeing that Du Ling seemed intent on pushing this point, he gave him a quick reminder. “King, the fireworks banquet is tomorrow. We can talk to the Monarch of Xiliu directly then.”


Du Ling gave him a brief nod before starting towards the horse carriage outside. “You’re right, Prince Hao.”


Hua Ziqing clenched his fists as he watched the three of them leave. Li Zikang, on the other hand, was trembling in fear.


“Master, I…”


“We’ll talk about this later.” Hua Ziqing then turned to leave.


Li Zikang turned to his subordinates and said, “What are all of you looking at? Leave, and close the palace gates.”


When they finally arrived at the posthouse, Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er walked in hand-in-hand. Meanwhile, Du Ling followed closely behind, while Wu Ling went ahead to get a doctor for Yu Xiao.


Su Xi-er looked at the injured Yu Xiao and said, “A-Jing, leave Li Zikang to me.”


“Xi-er, you need to take good care of yourself and get more rest. There’s no need for you to be worried about these things.” Du Ling tried to convince her otherwise since he was worried about her health.


On the other hand, Pei Qianhao contemplated for a moment before answering, “Sure.”


Pei Qianhao knew that Su Xi-er treated her people like family, and seeing Yu Xiao hurt had upset her.


“Don’t worry. Li Zikang is nothing at all.” Su Xi-er’s eyes flashed.


Wu Ling entered with a doctor at this point, and the latter shook his head upon seeing Yu Xiao’s injuries.


“How is he?” Su Xi-er asked.


The physician placed Yu Xiao’s hand back under the blanket and said, “Treatment for his injuries have been delayed for too long. His shoulder blades are basically destroyed. I’m afraid he might be unable to use most of his strength in future.”


Yu Xiao stared at the doctor with wide eyes upon hearing this. “You’re saying that I won’t be able to use the bow and arrow in future?”


“I’m afraid so.” The physician shook his head at this, lamenting over the fact that a young person like Yu Xiao had to go through such pain.


Yu Xiao went quiet, trying to clench his fist in anger, but finding that he couldn’t exert the force needed. I’ve become useless. How do I kill Yun Ruofeng and get revenge for my Big Brother now?


“Wu Ling, go with the doctor to get the medicine,” Su Xi-er instructed.


Knowing that Su Xi-er wanted to speak privately with Yu Xiao, both Du Ling and Pei Qianhao left the room.


“Yu Xiao, I’ll make sure you can do what I’ve promised you. You will definitely be the one to slay Yun Ruofeng with the Heart-Penetrating Arrow.” Su Xi-er spoke with resolve.


Yu Xiao gave a bitter smile. “Eldest Imperial Princess, you don’t have to console me; I know it’s impossible now.”


“Yu Xiao, do you trust me?” Su Xi-er asked.


Yu Xiao nodded. “I trust you.”


“If I can come back from the dead, you will be able to recover.” Su Xi-er spoke gently but surely.


What she said ignited a flame of hope in Yu Xiao. Though there was a part of him which felt that recovery was impossible, it was indeed true that Su Xi-er had come back from the dead.


“I won’t give up, Eldest Imperial Princess.” Yu Xiao answered with renewed resolve.

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