Yu Xiao did not make a sound even though he was in great pain. It was the pigeon which started cooing, as if it was trying to alleviate its master’s pain.


“Can you walk?” Du Ling asked.


Yu Xiao nodded and held the wall as he tried to stand, only to slip and fall. Thankfully, Du Ling caught him before he hit the ground.


Though Yu Xiao was not one to be hung up on things like decorum, he knew for a fact that Du Ling’s royal status was far and away from his own.


“Thank you very much, King.”


“Enough talk. Let’s get out of here.”


Both of them hurried to make their way out, but were met by a group of guards led by Li Zikang as soon as they stepped outside.


“Western Region King, what are you doing?”


“General Li, I actually have a question for you. Why was my missing guard being held here? Does Xiliu really think that I’m a pushover?” Du Ling smirked as he asked.


Though his clothes were stained with Yu Xiao’s blood, Du Ling remained as imposing as ever when he spoke.


“Western Region King, what are you talking about? My men are here because I sent them to search upon hearing that you had disappeared. Why would I, a general, lock up one of your guards?” A cunning light shone in Li Zikang’s eyes as he smiled while answering.


Du Ling mocked, “General Li and I must have a mental connection then. How else would you know that I was here when the palace is so huge?”


“Western Region King, this general will definitely investigate this and give you a proper explanation,” Li Zikang answered with a sincere gaze. Du Ling had to applaud the man for his top-notch acting skills. For those none the wiser, it would appear as if Li Zikang had nothing to do with this entire situation.


Li Zikang gave instructions to his men before Du Ling could answer, “Call for the imperial physician now. Make sure the Western Region King’s guard is properly treated.”


Du Ling scoffed at this. “General Li, I was first accused of taking advantage of an official’s daughter, and now I’ve found that my guard was locked up. It seems like the emperor of Xiliu doesn’t welcome me. Since that’s the case, I’ll just take my leave.”


He then supported Yu Xiao and headed in the direction of the palace gate.


Li Zikang knew this was bad, but there was nothing he could do to stop Du Ling from leaving at this point. All he could do was to follow the two of them for now and send someone to inform Hua Ziqing of the latest developments as soon as possible.


Du Ling shot a cold glance at Li Zikang and asked, “General Li, why are you following me? You can’t be planning to capture me as well, are you?”


Though anger bubbled up in Li Zikang, he remained calm and said, “What are you saying, King? This General wouldn’t dare do such a thing.”


“You wouldn’t dare? There doesn’t seem to be anything that you don’t dare do.” Du Ling raised his voice on purpose as he responded.


Li Zikang thought, Why isn’t Master here yet? I really won’t be able to stop him from leaving if Master doesn’t appear right now.


He had been working from the shadows, so he couldn’t afford to get into an open conflict with Du Ling now.


Just as they were in a stalemate, Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er appeared with Wu Ling trailing right behind them.

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