In a room, elsewhere.


Yun Ruofeng looked at an empty chess board in front of him while holding a black piece.


“Yun Ling, you’re still unable to enter the posthouse?”


“Master, though there seems to be a lack of guards at the posthouse, I could sense danger everytime I approached.” Yun Ling looked to be at a loss. As an assassin, he was extra sensitive to any sort of danger around him.


Yun Ruofeng slammed the black chess piece in the middle of the board and asked, “You’re saying that we’ve been discovered?”


“I’m afraid so. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise,” Yun Ling answered calmly.


“Heh!” Yun Ruofeng smirked. “Good move, Pei Qianhao.”


“Master, what do we do next? It’s detrimental to our plan if we do not know Pei Qianhao’s situation.” 


Yun Ling’s accurate analysis sent Yun Ruofeng into deep thought before he finally answered. “It doesn’t matter. He’ll definitely bring her along for the banquet. Continue as planned.”


“Master, the rumours have already begun spreading in Xiliu. Would Prince Hao decide not to let Princess Consort Hao show herself?” Yun Ling asked with concern.


Yun Ruofeng responded coldly, “Do you take Xi-er for just another ordinary woman?”


“This subordinate is slow. Please forgive me, Master.” Yun Ling looked down as he spoke.


There was a sudden knock on the door, prompting Yun Ruofeng to shoot a look at Yun Ling before the latter quickly hid in the shadows.


“Come in.”


Wu Yong walked in with a letter in hand, passing it to Yun Ruofeng as he said, “Master, Prince Qing has sent a message.” 


Yun Ruofeng smirked as he read the letter’s contents.


“You may take your leave. Don’t let anyone else in.”


Wu Yong nodded before leaving.


Mockery flashed in Yun Ling’s eyes as he looked at the letter. “Master, it seems like Prince Qing is getting antsy.”


“No, he thinks that I’m the one getting antsy. This letter is nothing but bait.” Yun Ruofeng smirked as he chucked the letter aside.


“Is Master still going to meet him then?” Yun Ling asked.


Yun Ruofeng nodded. “Of course, I will. The third round is of utmost importance. Moreover, wouldn’t he have to give me an explanation for killing one of my men?” The corners of Yun Ruofeng’s lips turned up in a sadistic smile.


“Master, if Prince Qing is making such a move, he might have been driven into a corner by Prince Hao and the Western Region King.” Yun Ling analysed the situation calmly once again.


Yun Ruofeng, however, disagreed. “No, he’s afraid that the news of Hua Zirong’s imprisonment will be revealed. I’m in the best position to assist him on that right now.”


“Master, Hua Ziqing looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world, but he’s a cunning man. It’s suspicious for him to simply throw out bait like this.” Yun Ling looked worried. For some reason, he felt rather uneasy.


Yun Ruofeng patted Yun Ling’s shoulder in assurance. “Yun Ling, I know you’re intelligent, but don’t become a victim of your own ingenuity. Hua Ziqing would never do anything detrimental to his own plans. Furthermore, he has just pissed the Western Region King off, so he’s in dire need of a partner to help him fend Prince Hao and the Western Region King off. I’m the best person for that at this point.”


“Master is astute.” Yun Ling bowed as he spoke.


“You may take your leave. This Prince hopes that you won’t disappoint at the banquet.” Though Yun Ruofeng’s tone was gentle, one could discern the warning in his words.


Yun Ling nodded before disappearing into the shadows, leaving Yun Ruofeng to pick up the letter once again and examine it with a cold gaze.


“When driven into a corner, even a rabbit will bite and a dog will jump over a wall. What would humans do then?”



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